#TOH3S - Digital Impedance Bridge

Digital Impedance Bridge (Front View)
Digital Impedance Bridge (Front View)

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  • The Secret of Paging System Repair and Installation
  • Includes Case and Leads
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The Digital Impedance Bridge

The SECRET of Paging System Repair & Installation

The Digital Impedance Bridge tells you how many watts the speakers draw on both 25 and 70V speaker lines. Simply turn it on, connect it to the speaker’s line (not to the amplifier!), and read the watts the speakers draw right off the LCD display.

It also puts a tone over the speakers (without the amplifier connected), which makes finding a bad speaker quicker.

The Digital Impedance Bridge lets you adjust the speaker and horn taps to match what the amplifier can put out. That's useful in a new installation where the speaker could actually use more watts than it says, but critical when you're repairing a system that's blowing the fuse or circuit breaker in the amplifier (or blowing up the amplifier itself!).

Amplifiers often sound distorted for a while when they're overloaded before they blow up.

You're Wasting Your Time Trying to Fix Paging Systems Without One of These!

Easy to Use:

  • Disconnect the Speakers from the Amplifier
  • Read the speaker line to see how many watts the speakers use (don't connect it to the amplifier!)
  • If the speakers use 120 watts, and you've got a 100-watt Amplifier, you've got a problem!
  • Find the 8 Ohm Speaker someone installed (an 8 Ohm speaker without a matching transformer sucks up all the juice that's supposed to go to the other speakers)
  • Find the bad speaker or matching transformer
  • Turn some taps on the speakers down to get well below the 100 watts
  • Put in a new, bigger or second Amplifier (split the speaker runs between two amps)

Now with Over-Voltage Protection... Won't Blow Up if you put it on a live speaker line!

Includes Case and Leads.

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Digital Impedance Bridge (Front View)
Digital Impedance Bridge (Front View)