Tech Devices

Loop Current Tester (Side View)

Loop Current

Telephone Loop Current Testers, Line Boosters and Attenuators

Ring Voltage Booster II

Ring Voltage

Telephone Ring Voltage Boosters

MLP-270 Lightning Protector (Top View)

Lightning Protection

Maximum Lightning Protection (MLP) Surge Protectors

Data Noise Filter (Top View)

RF and Noise Elimination

Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) and Data Noise Filters

Echo Stopper Main View

Echo Reduction

Telephone / VoIP Line Echo Reduction

Deluxe Handset Recording Adapter (Main View)

Recording and Playback

Telephone Call Recording and Playback Adapters

 Modular Ring Relay (Front Jack View)

Relays and Indicators

Telephony Relays and Indicator Devices

Ultimate ATA - 2 FXS Ports (Main View)

Analog Telephone Adapters

Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA) for VoIP

Mini Hot Dialer (Main View)

Auto Dialers

Programmable Telephone Auto Dialers (Hot Dialers)

Phone Line Attenuation Tester (Side View)


Telephone Line and Audio Signal Attenuators

 Universal CPC Generator (Main Image)


Call Party Control (CPC) Devices

Manual Ringer Cut-Off Switch (Side View)


TKM 6 and Other Telephone Switches

Priority Line Grabber (Side View)

Line Sharing

Telephone Line Sharing and Privacy Devices

Tone Master TM-16 DTMF Digit Decoder (Product View)


Dual Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) Testing & Troubleshooting Devices


Testers and Meters

Telecom Testing Equipment and Multimeters

Installation Equipment



Low Voltage Installation Equipment & Tools

66M Block 50 Pair Kit (Top View)

66 Blocks

66 Blocks, Covers, Bridging Clips and Accessories

25 Port 1 Pair RJ-11 Jack Panel with Male Amp (Front View)

QWIK Panels

QWIK Installation Panels and Harmonicas

In-Line Mod Swapper (Side View)


Telephone Line Splitters and Adapters


2500 Style Black Analog Desk Phone (Front View)

Analog Telephones

Analog 2500 / 2554 Telephones and No-Dial / Auto Dial Phones

 Black 2500 Consultation Desk Phone (Front View)

Consultation Phones

Consultation and Training Phones (2 Handset Phones)

Outdoor Rated Telephone with Chrome Hookswitch (Side View)

Outdoor Phones

Heavy Duty Outdoor Rated Telephones


Cisco 8800 Series Push-To-Talk Handset

Specialty Handsets

Specialty Amplified, Noise Cancelling, Push-To-Talk (PTT) and Kiosk Handsets

In-Line Telephone Amplifier (Side View)


Telephone Handset Amplifiers and Handset Accessories

Outdoor Rated Telephone with Chrome Hookswitch (Side View)

Prison Visitation

Prison and Inmate Visitation Handsets and Kits

Lexan PC Handset with Armored Cord

Kiosk and PC Handsets

Public Kiosk and PC Handsets

Black Plastic Cup Hanger (Front View)

Hangers and Hookswitches

Handset Hangers and Hookswitches

EMS-94 Carbon Equivalent Transmitter (Side View)

Replacement Components

Handset Replacement Receivers, Transmitters and Jacks

Cables and Cords

7' Black Coiled Handset Cord

Handset Cords

Replacement Handset Curly Cords and Cloth Cords

25CC5 5' 25 Pair CAT3 PVC Cable Female 90 to Female 90 Amp Connectors

25 Pair Cable

25 Pair Amphenol (AMP) Cables and Accessories

QWIK 10' Avaya IP Office / Samsung Officeserv Cable

QWIK Cables

QWIK Hydra / Octopus Installation Cables

7' 4 Conductor (6P4C) Silver Telephone Line Cord

Line Cords

Telephone Line Cords and Accessories

CAT5 Solid Wire 8P8C (RJ45) Mod Plugs (Front View)

Connectors and Plugs

CAT5, CAT6 and Telephony Connectors and Plugs