#MSC3L - Priority Line Grabber

Priority Line Grabber (Side View)
Priority Line Grabber (Side View) Priority Line Grabber (Top View)

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Product Highlights
  • Line Sharing Device
  • Give a device priority access to a shared line
  • Great for Pool / Elevator Phones
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Priority Line Grabber Line Sharing Device

Takes the line away from whoever's on it!

Line Powered!

The line powered Priority Line Grabber allows a phone to grab a phone line (whether it’s busy or not), to make an outbound call.

Great for sharing a phone line in applications like:

  • Elevator Phone
  • Pool Phone
  • 911 Phone
  • Modem / Fax
  • Alarm System
  • ATM


If used in a Life Safety application like a 911 phone, Elevator Phone or Pool Phone, be sure to test operation on a regular basis. Check your local regulations for testing requirements in your area. Something may go wrong with the line, the pair, the Priority Line Grabber, the hot line or speed dialer, or the phone. An emergency isn't the time to find out there's a problem! Be sure to call the Police or Fire non-emergency number to let them know you're going to be testing, before the test.

NOTE: Inbound calls always go to the Non-Priority Phone. They can never go to the Priority Phone.

When the Priority Phone goes off-hook, the Priority Line Grabber hangs-up the line for a couple of seconds to get rid of any existing call, and then gives the Priority Phone a new dial tone. The Non-Priority Phone will be dead while the Priority Phone is in-use.

If the Priority Phone doesn’t have a dial, you’ll need an Auto Dialer to automatically dial a phone number when the Priority Phone goes off-hook. You may have to add a pause or two at the beginning of the number you program into the dialer.

The Priority Line Grabber has a Dry Closure (low voltage, low current relay contacts) to allow you to set off a light, bell, siren or alarm to notify someone that the Priority Phone is being used.

There are 2 Jacks on the Priority Line Grabber:

Priority Line Grabber Pinout
Priority Line Grabber Pinout

The easiest way to connect just about any modular device is our Critical+ Solid Wire Modular Cords, available in 2, 3 and 4 pairs (15 feet long wired straight through, so you can cut them in-half to get two cords).

NOTE: This device is for technician's only, since it must be installed correctly by a technician with the proper cords and jacks to function properly.

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Priority Line Grabber (Side View)
Priority Line Grabber (Side View)
Priority Line Grabber (Top View)
Priority Line Grabber (Top View)