#MSC2A - 1 Button Alert Dialer

 1 Button Alert Dialer (Side VIew)
 1 Button Alert Dialer (Side VIew)  1 Button Alert Dialer (Top VIew)

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  • Press the Button to Dial Pre-Programmed Number
  • No Phone Required
  • Line Powered Device
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1 Button Alert Dialer

No Phone Needed... Just push the button!

Goes off-hook when the button is pushed, and dials the pre-programmed number.

It will dial a up to 64 digits when the button is pushed.

The 1 Button Alert Dialer is a single line, line powered analog dialer that will dial out on POTS lines or analog station ports. No external power or batteries are required.

Simply connect the 1 Button Alert Dialer to an analog phone line or station port, push the white button, and it dials the pre-programmed phone number.

Mount the 1 Button Alert Dialer in plain sight, or mount it under a desk.

It can dial the next desk, next door, the next city, or the next country... All you have to do is push the button!

Besides dialing a phone number, station number on a PBX, or even the page code for a phone system, you can program it to pause and then send more DTMF digits.

It can easily dial the "pager number" for a pager or cell phone, pause, then send a few digits that would indicate the location of the dialer.

Programming is done from a Touch Tone phone on the same line, or over the phone line from a remote location.

Programming of this device should be done and tested by experienced technicians. We'll program it for you for an additional $5.00.

Remove the Button, and Trigger it Automatically with a Dry Closure!

You can trigger this dialer automatically with a dry-closure (just a short, no voltage). Have a device call you when something happens! Seeing the Caller ID is a good way of knowing what's happening. We can add wires instead of the Button for $5, or you can do it yourself (requires soldering). Just short the wires to make it call out.

NOTE: If you add your own wires don't make them much more than a foot or two. If you make the wires too long, they can act like an antenna and bring noise into the microprocessor - and the dialer won't work right.

If you need a lot of dialers for the same number, we can program them in bulk, so you don't have to program them all individually.

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 1 Button Alert Dialer (Side VIew)
1 Button Alert Dialer (Side VIew)
 1 Button Alert Dialer (Top VIew)
1 Button Alert Dialer (Top VIew)