#CID6M - Alarm Panel Rerouter

Alarm Panel Rerouter (Main View)
Alarm Panel Rerouter (Main View) ALARM PANEL REROUTER

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  • Route Alarm Panel to New Monitoring Number without Reprogramming the Panel
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Alarm Panel Rerouter

Route an Alarm Panel to a new monitoring number, even if you lost the panel programming password!

Sold only to licensed alarm installation and monitoring companies!

The Alarm Panel Rerouter allows an alarm company to change the monitoring phone number an alarm panel dials if they can't get into programming on the panel. Put in any phone number you'd like, to use any monitoring service you'd like.

If the old panel works fine this will save you the materials and labor for replacing the existing panel!

It can be pre-programmed at your office, and sent to the customer to install in-series with the alarm panel. The Alarm Panel Rerouter is telephone line powered, and has non-volatile memory.

It does not allow an alarm panel to be programmed. It simply sits in-front of the alarm panel. You can't change the customer account number, zones, or any other alarm panel options with the Alarm Panel Rerouter.

The Alarm Panel Rerouter absorbs the number dialed by the alarm panel, and then dials the string of digits (including pauses and additional digits) you program instead.

It will also convert a panel that dials in rotary (pulse) to DTMF, but it won't change the data sent by the panel, so the panel might not work with a VoIP or cable telephone service.

The Alarm Panel Rerouter can also come in handy if there's an area code change and you can't reprogram the panel.

Installation is simple, simply connect between the alarm panel and phone line.

The Alarm Panel Rerouter can be reprogrammed remotely if someone at the premise manually answers the line it's connected to. Programming is done with a Touch-Tone phone.

We can only sell the Alarm Panel Rerouter to licensed alarm installation and monitoring companies.

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Alarm Panel Rerouter (Main View)
Alarm Panel Rerouter (Main View)