Case Study: Custom VoIP Solution for Library Fax Kiosks

Library Fax Kiosk
The Problem

FaxScan24 provides fax machine kiosks to hundreds of libraries across the United States. Many years back, traditional analog telephone lines were readily available in libraries and the fax kiosks used our mini-hot dialer to establish connection to the IVR system.

With the decline in availability of analog phone lines, it was becoming difficult to provide service to new libraries looking to offer a fax kiosk.

The Solution

We worked with the manufacturer of an existing Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) to develop a customized version with improved support for faxing. We developed custom firmware to connect the same analog fax machines to the IVR system using VoIP, eliminating the need for analog telephone lines at the site.

We developed a full custom provisioning and management portal to manage the newly deployed units and report usage and uptime statistics. We provide the SIP backbone that manages connectivity for the system.

Customer Feedback
"We've been using Sandman auto-dialers for our public fax kiosk service since 1999. Our interactions with both their customer service and technical support have always been excellent. They are willing to listen to our needs and then go the extra mile to provide a workable solution.

A few years ago, many of our library locations started transitioning their phone service from analog to VoIP. The Sandman team developed a custom ATA solution specifically to work with our existing equipment. After three years of using the ATA devices, and several customized improvements, we are very happy with the results. Our customers are now able to seamlessly transmit their fax documents over the internet via Sandman's ATA dialer connected to our public fax kiosks. I'd strongly recommend to those in need of help solving telecom problems."

John Davey
Televend Services, Inc.

We still manufacture many unique devices for analog telephone lines, but we're also well versed in VoIP communications and can build and support custom VoIP platforms and hardware.

We also provide custom web development and desktop software development services to help our customers bring their telecommunications projects to life.