Case Study: Pre-Terminated 25 and 50 Pair Cables for a Hotel Communications Provider

Hotel Phone System Installer
The Problem

Upgrading the phone systems at luxury hotels is a time-sensitive project. Sure, most everyone has a cell-phone these days, but guests still expect to be able to use the in-room phone to call the concierge, front desk and room service.

A leading provider of hotel communications systems was struggling with keeping their cut-over times down. Technicians were being tasked with making their own custom telco cables on-site.

Aside from the time required to make the cable assembly on-site, technicians had to haul around heavy cable spools, termination equipment and testing equipment.

The Solution

The Logistics & Deployment Manager reached out to us for help streamlining these projects.

We worked with the project manager to get specifications and installation dates for upcoming projects and built and shipped the customized cable assemblies directly to the installation site to arrive at the same time as the technicians.

Having the customized cable assemblies on-site and ready for the technicians greatly reduced the on-site time requirements, and minimized downtime for the hotel and their guests.

Drop shipping the completed telco cable assemblies to the site also reduced the amount of equipment the technicians needed to travel with, and saved on shipping costs by only shipping the cables once — to their final destination.

Customer Feedback
"Wow, you all are quick!!! If it's not too much trouble, could you please downgrade to ground shipping instead? I'm putting together our installation schedule for next month and will get it over to you soon."

We make custom 25/50/100 Pair Telco Cables in-house in the Chicago Suburbs - using US made cable and TE Brand Amphenol RJ-21 connectors.

We can build the exact cable you need and ship it to your installation site so that it's ready to go when your technician arrives. All cables are tested upon completion so your telco cables will be one less thing you have to worry about.

We can build and ship custom connectorized telco cable assemblies quickly so even if your install is tomorrow, we can probably get the cables you need on-site in time for your job.