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Click to see bigger picture of Telco Powered Razor Click to see bigger picture of Telco Powered Car Charger Click to see bigger picture of Telco Powered Lantern

Telco Powered Razor

Telco Powered Car Charger

Telco Powered Lantern... and MORE!

Alternative Energy Source

New Technology ...

Power from the Phone Company!

New Patented Technology allows you to use Power from the Phone Company to operate everyday items that you have to use -even if the power is out.

The Phone Company always has a steady source of DC power available. Huge banks of storage batteries backed up by generators, supplying from 23 to 80ma of power on every phone line... for you to use whenever you want!

Telco Powered Products™ convert the 48 Volts DC from the modular jacks in your home or office to a voltage that can be used to power the items you need to get on with your life, even if there's no power from the electric company.

Telepone Company Building in San Fransisco

A Solution to the Energy Crisis...

Click to see bigger picture of Chief Scientist Dr. Drizzlenik Our Chief Scientist, Dr. Emil Drizzlenik PhD from the renowned Chernobyl Electrical Institute in Russia, developed this patented technology after an accident at the power plant left all of the homes and businesses in his area dark.

Dr. Drizzlenik found that the local telephone company was still up and running, and in fact telephone service never went down during the time the power was out.

Click to see bigger picture of the Chernobyl Power Plant and Electrical Institute
Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, and the Chernobyl Electrical Institute

Dr. Drizzlenik is used to working in the dark. Power problems in Chernobyl changed everybody's life, as they're threatening to do today in California and other parts of the US. Be prepared for the coming power outages by switching as many of your everyday items as you can to Telco Powered Products™ from Mike Sandman... Chicago's Telecom Expert.

Telco Powered Products™ adapt popular consumer battery operated devices to 48VDC telephone company power, allowing charging and operation when connected to any modular jack in the country. All of these Telco Powered Products™ will work anywhere in the US, and in most of the rest of the world.

There's Plenty of Power Available from the Phone Company! 

Phone Companies in the US supply a constant regulated voltage on all of their lines, whether they're in use or not. Many of these lines have much more current available than telephones need or can use!

For most of us, it's hard to remember the phone service going down in our neighborhood... but we can all remember the last power outage. Phone companies strive for and achieve the highest possible reliability.

In some areas, the amount of electricity provided by the phone company can be dangerously high, causing improper operation or even damage to electronic phone systems at businesses or homes. Our Loop Current Regulators are needed on many of those lines to bring the available current down to a safe level that won't damage electronic Key Systems or PBXs. By tapping the energy on those lines during this power crisis and beyond, Americans will be able to continue using the electronic devices that made their lives easier when inexpensive, plentiful power was taken for granted (last year).

The Phone Company is a FREE Source of Electric Power!

This is all you need to get power from the phone company!All you need is a phone line from the phone company to tap this free hidden source of power. If you have two or more lines, you have that much more power available to you.

In many cases, the phone company leaves disconnected lines energized with power, figuring that the new tenant or homeowner will need the phone line turned on when they move in. Instead of physically disconnecting the pair to the premise, they simply change the programming at the central office to remove the dial tone and the ability to receive calls. The power is still on the line!

If you're already paying for a phone line, you don't have to pay anything more to make use of the power that's always on it when you have Telco Powered Products™.


Click to see bigger picture of a family with a boy on oxygen In the near future, Mike Sandman Enterprises, Inc. will have a complete line of  Telco Powered Medical Products™ such as oxygen tents, blood glucose monitors, and portable defibrillators.

The technology behind Telco Powered Medical Products™ will ensure operation of these critical devices, even when the electricity is off.

For the people that need these products, it's a matter of life and death.

Portable Defibrillator

Portable Defibrillators Save Lives...

But only when they're charged up!

Here are the currently available Telco Powered Products™. Rest assured that we're working to bring out many more in the near future. Please be sure to read the notes at then end of this page regarding availability.

LOOK.GIF (1001 bytes)

Cabullet.gif (978 bytes) TELCO POWERED™ LANTERN

Click to see bigger picture of Telco Powered Lantern Yellow Plastic Lantern with a Bright White Light...

Recharges from the phone line!

One charge lights your way for many hours! Should last through most rolling blackouts.

Great for finding your way to the bathroom during a power failure, or lighting up basement stairs to prevent serious injury.

Complete with rechargeable battery and 7' modular power cord.


Part Number: TLS9H   Price: $69.95

Cabullet.gif (978 bytes) TELCO POWERED™ FAN / COOLER

Click to see bigger picture of Telco Powered Fan/Cooler Air Conditioning, without AC power...

When the Air Conditioning is out, it gets HOT in the desert. Fill the bottle with cold water, and spray as needed!

One charge keeps the fan spinning many hours! Should last through most rolling blackouts.

Don't let power outages make you hot under the collar!

Complete with rechargeable battery and 7' modular power cord. Water not included.


Part Number: TLS9J   Price: $59.95

Cabullet.gif (978 bytes) TELCO POWERED™ RAZOR

Click to see bigger picture of Telco Powered Razor Quality Electric Razor recharges from the phone line!

Super Thin Foil and Super Sharp Blades give you the closest shave possible.

One charge lasts many days. Just because you live like a caveman, doesn't mean you have to look like one!

Complete with rechargeable battery, cleaning brush, protective cover and 7' modular power cord.


Part Number: TLS9A   Price: $119.95

Cabullet.gif (978 bytes) TELCO POWERED™ CAR CHARGER

If your battery is dead... you're going nowhere! Charge a Dead Battery on your car... FAST!

50' of Cord on a Wind-up Caddy.

Plug the power cord into a modular phone jack, pull the wire from the Caddy, plug the Cigarette Lighter Plug into the car's cigarette lighter, and your car is being charged!

Charges your dead car battery quickly!

Click to see bigger picture of Telco Powered Car Charger Remember that gas stations can't pump gas when there's no power. If you do run out of gas, you may run the battery down from cranking the car until you realize what's happening. When you do find gas, your battery might be dead!

Complete with 7' modular power cord.


Part Number: TLS9N   Price: $59.95

Cabullet.gif (978 bytes) TELCO POWERED™ TOOTHBRUSH

Click to see bigger picture of Telco Powered Toothbrush Electric Toothbrush charges from your phone line!

High Power Spinning Brush gets your teeth clean and white, yet is gentle on tooth enamel.

Easy-to-use Push Button Switch. Charges Quickly!

NOTE: Please check to make sure the water is working before attempting to brush your teeth. Many large buildings use electricity to pump water to upper floors. Having a couple of jugs of water available is always a good idea.

Complete with rechargeable battery and 7' modular power cord.

Part Number: TLS9B   Price: $89.95

Cabullet.gif (978 bytes) TELCO POWERED™ CLOCK RADIO

Click to see bigger picture of Telco Powered Clock Radio Be sure you know what time it is... and be on time for work!

Listen to the Radio, even when there's no electricity!

Let the phone company power both your alarm clock and AM/FM radio. By having an alarm clock that never loses power, you won't lose your job because you're constantly late for work during rolling blackouts.

Complete with rechargeable batteries, hand strap and 7' modular power cord.


Part Number: TLS9K   Price: $149.95

Cabullet.gif (978 bytes) TELCO POWERED™ CALCULATOR

Click to see bigger picture of Telco Powered Calculator Great for Students or Businessmen!

Gets power from your phone line. Solar calculators won't help in a blackout!

If you're a parent, you can make sure your child's math homework gets done.

If you're a businessman, it's great for calculating lost business, or the total dollar amount of spoiled frozen merchandise for your insurance company.

Complete with rechargeable battery and 7' modular power cord.


Part Number: TLS9G   Price: $69.95

Click to see a Glow in the Dark picture of the Telco Powered Vibrator RELAX!

Glow in the Dark Vibrator is easy to find when the power is out.

Cabullet.gif (978 bytes) TELCO POWERED™ VIBRATOR

There's a lot of stress when the power is out!

Use our soothing Vibrator to relax your muscles after dealing with this serious problem. Click on the Vibrator to see it Glow in the Dark.

Use it as long as you need to... it's powered by the phone company!

Last time I was in LA, I had to walk down eight flights of stairs with two big bags to check out of the hotel that had been without power twice during my stay. The vibrator would have really helped my muscles after that stressful hotel stay!

Complete with rechargeable batteries and 7' modular power cord.


Part Number: TLS9C   Price: $89.95

Cabullet.gif (978 bytes) TELCO POWERED™ POLICE SCANNER

Click to see bigger picture of Telco Powered Police Scanner Track the Riots and Looting!

By listening to the Police and Fire Departments in your area, you'll know when criminals are taking advantage of the power outage in your neighborhood.

Especially important for businessmen!

As we have all seen, the Police have a hard time controlling criminals when the power is on. After the electric company turns off the power in your neighborhood, it will be critical to know when to leave - and which roads to take to avoid being injured by rioters, as well as which roads are clogged by traffic because traffic signals aren't working.

Listening to the local traffic reporters is a great way of keeping track of what's happening in your community. The media primarily uses frequencies in two UHF ranges: Scan between 450.00 and 451.00 mhz, and 455.00 and 456.00 mhz to hear exciting action from the traffic reporters you hear on TV and radio every day.

NOTE: The LA city Police Department has chosen to prevent citizens from listening to their radio calls by digitizing their communications. This All-Band Scanner will listen to regular analog communications, including all types of conventional Trunked systems, but you can't listen to the LA Police Department.

Complete with rechargeable batteries, antenna and 7' modular power cord.


Part Number: TLS9D   Price: $595.95

Cabullet.gif (978 bytes) TELCO POWERED™ VIDEO CAMERA

Click to see bigger picture of Telco Powered Video Camera Hi-8 Video Camera recharges from the phone line!

Professional Quality Video and Sound!

The power may be out, but you'll still be able to take great color videos of this important time in history.

Recharges quickly from the phone line, and runs for over two hours on a charge. Uses inexpensive Hi-8 tapes, available at most drug stores.

Includes 2.5 inch color LCD screen which operates while you're recording or playing back your footage. Extremely sharp black and white view finder is also included, which saves battery power required to operate the LCD screen while recording.

Don't forget to carry this camera with you when you leave your home or office. You're likely to run into history in the making... just around the corner. Pictures taken on this professional quality Hi-8 camera will look great on your local news!

Complete with rechargeable battery and 7' modular power cord. Hi-8 video tape not included.


Part Number: TLS9E   Price: $995.95

Cabullet.gif (978 bytes) TELCO POWERED™ ELECTRIC WET / DRY BROOM

Click to see bigger picture of Telco Powered Electric Wet/Dry Broom Keep your floors and carpets clean with our Rechargeable Wet / Dry Broom

With Rubber Beating Cleaning Bars!

Recharges quickly from the phone company. Internal Rubber Beating Bars do a great job on carpets, tile and wood floors.

The Crystal Clear Easy Empty Dirt Cup lets you see this powerful Electric Wet / Dry Broom pick up the dirt right off your floor!

It's a well known fact that pets get scared and nervous during power failures. Dogs and cats tend to vomit during these outages. Our powerful Electric Wet / Dry Broom will suck the vomit into the Crystal Clear Easy Empty Dirt Cup, allowing you to wash the cup out in your sink.

Caged birds get scared when the lights go out suddenly, flapping their wings while crashing into the bars of their cage. I saw this myself during the last power outage in our office, where we have seven parakeets. While the birds are panicking, their feathers are flying out of the cage. Our powerful Electric Wet / Dry Broom will suck all those feathers right off your floor in seconds.

Keep in mind that it's very stressful on the birds when they are smashing themselves into the bars of their cage. We found one of our parakeets, Turk, dead on the floor of the cage the morning after the last power outage.

Complete with rechargeable battery and 7' modular power cord.


Part Number: TLS9M   Price: $189.95


Click to see bigger picture of Telco Powered Universal Voltage Adapter Will operate many electronic devices that work with a Power Cube!

Switch selects 3, 6, 9 or 12 Volts DC

Charge many of your electronic devices with this quick and easy Universal Adapter, powered from the phone company.

Comes with four different size Adapter Plugs.

NOTE: Make sure the voltage selector switch is in the correct position before you plug the Adapter into your device.

Complete with 7' modular power cord.


Part Number: TLS9F   Price: $79.95

Cabullet.gif (978 bytes) TELCO POWERED™ CELL PHONE

Click to see bigger picture of Telco Powered Cell Phone Digital TDMA / Analog Cell Phone with Convenient Flip Door

Keep your cell phone charged - even when there's no electricity! Flip Door prevents accidentally dialed numbers.

Our Telco Powered™ Cell Phone recharges quickly from your phone line, so you can stay in touch when you leave your home or office.

Many people carry cell phones for safety reasons. This is doubly important in areas where the power can go out at any time.

Comes without service. Just bring this phone to a nearby cellular store, and they'll activate it for you in minutes.

Complete with rechargeable battery and 7' modular power cord.


Part Number: TLS9L   Price: $329.95

The more Modular Jacks you have...

The more
Telco Powered Products™
you can use!


Cabullet.gif (978 bytes) MODULAR 5 WAY JACK

Click to see bigger picture of Modular 5 Way Jack Plug up to 5 Modular Cords into 1 Line!

Wired for 4 Pins. With 2' Modular Cord. Wall mountable box with five 4 Pin Jacks.


Part Number: SER2S   Price: $5.95    |||    10+ Price:   $4.99

Vitaliy Tolstonogov, Director General of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, says "I'm glad to see that the US finally needs this fine Russian developed technology."

Director General Tolstonogov aided Dr. Drizzlenik in the development of this new Telco Powered™ technology through his continued management and control of the power plant.

Chernobyl Director General Vitaliy Tolstonogov

Telco Powered Products™ are currently available in the US from Mike Sandman Enterprises, Inc.,
at 630-980-7710.

For Dealer inquiries and licensing requests please Contact Us.

Because of the demand for alternative energy products in Bulgaria, we are often backordered on these items. We would be happy to take your order for any of these products, and ship them as soon as they become available. Backorders are currently running six to eight months. Due to the nature of these products and the terrific demand, we will charge your credit card as soon as the order is placed. Should you wish to cancel your order, or if the products should prove to be on backorder or unavailable for more than twelve months, we will cancel your order and refund half of the monies paid. These terms only apply to Telco Powered Products™ . These terms do not apply to our other telecommunications related items.


Dr. Drizzlenick and Director General Tolstonogov have developed alternate versions of all of the items you see on this web page, which run on common depleted uranium.

Because Director General Tolstonogov has an abundance of depleted uranium, and because there are parts of the world where telephone lines are scarce, he and Dr. Drizzlenick have found a way to power the common everyday items you see here like razors, flashlights, vacuum cleaners, and even vibrators, from depleted uranium. Major toy manufacturers in China have agreed to install these Depleted Uranium Power Cells in toys for the next Christmas season, so parents will never again have to worry about buying batteries for their children's Christmas toys.

Dr. Drizzlenick says "The half-life of Uranium 238, a component of the Depleted Uranium Power Cell, is 4.5 billion years. Certainly longer than any current battery technology. It's unlikely that Chinese toys will last that long."

Director General Tolstonogov says "These items are engineered to be perfectly safe by Dr. Drizzlenick, and several other scientists with years of experience working at Chernobyl. Nobody else in the world has the Nuclear safety expertise that Dr. Drizzlenick and the other Chernobyl scientists have."

The technology behind Telco Powered Products™ is covered under US Patent No. 4773863, and other worldwide patents. Telco Powered Products™ are not FCC registered. Items may not be exactly as pictured. Prices subject to change without notice. There is no warranty expressed or implied on any of the Telco Powered Products™.These terms apply only to Telco Powered Products™, not to other telecommunications items sold by Mike Sandman Enterprises, Inc.

Please Note: Due to the volume of requests for information on these products, and the difficulty in sorting out these legitimate email requests from spam like penis enlargement ads, bulk email ads, toner cartridge ads, work at home ads, Viagra for women ads, anti-aging ads and weight loss ads, email response may be delayed for some time.