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Telecom Tech Tips Blog Archive

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  1. June 2015 - Dealing with Hackers

    What Chance Does Your Company Have of Deflecting Hackers, If NOBODY Else Seems To Be Able To?

  2. May 2015 - Protecting your VoIP System

    It Doesn't Take Much to Stop a VoIP Phone System Connected to the Internet in its Tracks... How Can you Protect It?

  3. April 2015 - Lightning & Surge Protection

    Do you put Lightning Protection on your systems, or wait for damage and then put Protectors on?

  4. March 2015 - Dial Tone thru VoIP Gateway

    Can't Get Dial Tone Through a VoIP Gateway with Mod Jacks... Unless There's a Banjo In-Series?!?

  5. February 2015 - Extending a T1

    Extending a T1 a Long Ways into a Building or Campus

  6. January 2015 - Securing Data

    Why There's No Way to Secure Your Company's Data, and What to Do About It

  7. December 2014 - Windows 7 & 8 Tips

    How to run DOS programs from Windows 7 & 8, and Other Handy Windows Tips

  8. November 2014 - Sidetone

    What's Sidetone, and Why Do You Need it?

  9. October 2014 - Telecom Fraud Alert

    Check Your Phone and Voicemail Systems for These Types of Vulnerabilities ASAP

  10. October 2014 - Dial-Around 1010 Codes

    Dial-Around 1010 Codes Can Solve Problems with Call Quality, Faxes and Modems

  11. September 2014 - Amplified & Noise Canceling Handsets

    Is it Noisy? You Don't need an Amplified Handset!

  12. August 2014 - QoS Devices

    When is buying something that says it's QoS useless for VoIP?

  13. July 2014 - VoIP Quality

    How Do You Keep VoIP Packets from NEVER Travelling Over the Public Internet... So They Always Sound Great?

  14. June 2014 - Remote Troubleshooting

    Can You Troubleshoot Phone Problems Remotely, or Do You Have to Send out a Technician?

  15. May 2014 - Data Noise

    Odd Problems with Data Noise on IP Office Systems (and others)...  Noise you Can Hear and Noise you Can't Hear!

  16. April 2014 - Fax Machines on VoIP

    Can you make a Fax Machine work on a VoIP ATA or Gateway
    How can you Tell Who's Telling the Truth on the Internet?

  17. March 2014 - Windows XP & Testing Emergency Alerts

    The End of Windows XP Support is Here
    Emergency Alerting - It's Got to Be Tested!

  18. February 2014 - How does your phone sound?

    Call Quality: An Easy Way to Hear How Your Phone Sounds on the Other End

  19. January 2014 - Analog Telephony

    Analog Telephony... How We Got Here, and What's Happening To It Now?

  20. December 2013 - Refurbishing

    Refurbishing your Own Phones, Computers & Tools is Easy & Profitable!

  21. November 2013 - Static Shocks

    The Heat is on... How do you Stop Static Shocks to Phones & Computers?

  22. October 2013 - See Blocked & Private Caller ID Numbers

    How do you see those BLOCKED or PRIVATE numbers on Caller ID?
    A new company starts up to try to block Robo Calls!

  23. September 2013 - AC Power Problems

    Is AC Power Your Problem?

  24. August 2013 - Bad Ground

    A bad ground can be very expensive in a lightning storm!

  25. July 2013 - Cell Phone Alerts

    Cell Phone Companies (AT&T is first) are forcing you to get Emergency Weather and Government notifications at all times of the day and night - unless you know how to turn it off...

  26. June 2013 - Static on Phone Lines

    Fixing Crackling Static on an Analog Phone Line or Analog Station Port

  27. May 2013 - Hum on Phone Lines

    Fixing Hum on an Analog Phone Line or Analog Station Port

  28. April 2013 - CDR & SMDR

    The Value of Call Accounting (CDR) / Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) in Fixing Strange Phone Problems on Phone Systems.