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G-Style Handset with Screw-on Caps






  • And Anything Else You Can Think Of!

No-Dial Wall Phones with and without Dialers are Available
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Kiosk, Pay Phone, Intercom, 911 Dispatch Center and Prison Handsets and Accessories are on this page, below...

We can make nearly any handset imaginable, but you'll have to tell us what your needs are. We can design and make a prototype in as little as a day...

Lexan Handset with Armored Cord and Cup Style Hookswitch

There are LOTS of choices!

Lexan Handset with Armored Cord and Cup Style Hookswitch Hanger, in Surface Mount Box

Lexan Handset with Armored Cord and Chrome Hookswitch Hanger, in Surface Mount Box

Noise Cancelling Transmitter for G-Style Handset

Hold-Down Clip for Moving Vehicles

The Cup/Hookswitch normally mounts with screws from inside the kiosk or device.

An Aluminum Backplate with a retainer for the armored cord allows the mounting screws for the Cup/Hookswitch to be put in from the front of the kiosk or device.

The Cup/Hookswitch is available with a 2 Form C Mechanical Switch, a 1 Form C Magnetic Switch , or just the Cup with no hookswitch.

A Red Cup and Handset with Armored Cord is Also Available for an Emergency Phone


Hold-Down Clip for Trucks, Buses, Trains, Ships and Aircraft

G-Style Handset with Armored Cord and 2 Weather Resistant Buttons
(Works with Magnetic Hookswitch)

M-Style Handset with Armored Cord
M-Style Handset with Armored Cord
(Does not work with Magnetic Hookswitch)

K -Style Handset with Armored Cord
(Does not work with Magnetic Hookswitch)

Euro1 Style Handset with Armored Cord
(Works with Magnetic Hookswitch)

B3 Hookswitch with
2 Buttons
and a Custom
Black Anodized Plate

Euro1 Handset with Armored Cord
Euro1 Style Handset with Armored Cord
(Works with Magnetic Hookswitch)

G-Style & Euro1
B3 Magnetic Hookswitch
or Hanger with 90 Degree Armored Cord Block


Waterproof and
Dust Proof (IP67 Rated) PTT / PTM /
PT Operate Button
for Outdoor Use can be put in most style handsets (Push/Push or Momentary)


We have a Stainless Steel Blank for our G-Style Handsets with the Cavity, that lets us put all kinds of strange special stuff in your handset!

We can put an LED on some handsets


If you really need a lot of stuff happening in your handset we can put a Momentary DPDT Switch in the Cavity.

Comreader Windows Software

Connect a Hookswitch, Volume Button or any analog contact to the serial port (or Serial to USB adapter) on a Windows PC using our Comreader 9 Pin Dongle.

The 6 pin modular jack on the Comreader Dongle connects to our handsets with volume controls, our hookswitches, or any dry contact (some need a 6 Pin Modular to Terminal Strip Adapter Box).

It lets you read the state of the hookswitch or other analog contact by reading a flat text file on the PC. You don't have to read the com port lines in your software.

If you want to read the lines in your own program, Comreader comes with the dotnet source code. There's also an example program to read the text file, along with the dotnet source code for that.

You can also use Comreader to detect the state of a single button in a handset, to let your user determine whether the button is used for PTT or PTM in your program (muting the mic input in Windows).

Includes CD with Comreader (only 1 copy needed per developer), a Comreader Dongle (1 needed for each PC), a 6 Pin 7' Modular Cord, and a Comreader Test Box with 6 pin Mod Jack and three switches (two momentary and one non-momentary) for testing at your desk (no handset needed).


  Comreader Test Box for Development

  Has Hookswitch, Volume Up & Down Buttons

Tested on Windows XP and Windows 7.

Part Number:  PAP1G     Price:  $89.95



Comreader Terminal Strip Box

Inside the Box... Terminal Strip Numbers correspond to the 3 Possible Sets of Contacts.

Once the Handset and Hookswitch or other buttons are mounted on your Kiosk, run the wires to the terminal strip, which is easier than any other way to connect to the Comreader Dongle so your Kiosk can read the state of the switches.

Just use a regular 6 Conductor Modular Mounting Cord (not included) between the Terminal Strip Box and the Dongle.

Part Number:  PAP1I     Price:  $11.25


   Comreader Dongle only


Part Number:  PAP1H     Price:  $19.95


USB to Serial Converter

USB to Serial Converter

If your PC or laptop doesn't have a serial port for the Flight Simulator Bluetooth Dongle™, this USB to Serial Converter has been tested with Windows 7 64 bit on an HP laptop, was easy to setup (comes with a driver CD), and worked right away when the proper com port was found (easy to find in Windows Device Manager, under: Ports (COM & LPT).

There is a 90% chance this will work with the Flight Simulator Bluetooth Dongle™ , on any particular computer/OS combination without a real serial port, not a 100% chance. There's no way to know for sure until you try it.

It supports Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista (32/64 bit), and Windows 7 (32/64 bit), as well as MAC OS X 10.1-10.5. Comes with a driver CD. It's made to be used on a USB 1.1 compliant port, which should include all USB 2.0 ports.

Part Number: SWI8P    Price: $29.95
                                  Now $19.95      Limited Time Sale!

Compact No-Dial Wall Phone with Euro 1 Handset (Network in Handset)

6' Cord

Handset Cord

Rear View... Mounts with Four Screws
14' Modular Base Cord

Nice Looking Compact No-Dial Wall Phone

Part Number:  MIS6G     Price:  $109.95


Black Super Strong Plastic Hookswitch with or without Magnetic Reed Hookswitch

Reed Switch works with G-Style & Euro1  

As just a hanger (no switch) it also works with K-Style, M-Style,
& T-Style


Euro Handset in Chrome Hookswitch / Hanger
Euro1 Handset in Chrome Hanger

For a more "modern look" than the traditional
G-Style Handset
(which works with a magnetic hookswitch) , the Euro1 Handset will fit in the
Black Plastic
Chrome Magnetic Hookswitch or Hanger

Normally Form A NC, but we can make it Form C (3 wire) Chrome Magnetic Hookswitch

Chome Handset Hanger - screws go in from rear of panel

Like our other handsets, these aren't pre-made.  When you tell us what you need we build the handset in our POS system, which tells us what your cost is. Since every kiosk is different, you need to tell us how you intend to connect the handset to the kiosk.

We can put armored cords on G-Style, K-Style, Euro1, T-Style and M-Style handsets if you'd like a more modern look - BUT if you need a hookswitch you need to make sure that type of handset will work in your application.

Our Cup Style Hookswitch is available with either mechanical or magnetic contacts (magnetic has no moving parts), and with an optional Clip to hold the handset down into the cup - particularly useful on buses, trains and planes, or anywhere you need to make sure the handset is hung up properly by the user.

For special applications, we can make a handset with a 6 wire modular jack (instead of 4 conductors), and we have black 6 conductor coiled or armored cords.

We can make any kind of special handset, and we do it quickly from design to delivery:

  • To connect to a network inside the a kiosk using four wires: 2 for transmit, and 2 for receive

  • For a network that uses an Electret, Carbon or Dynamic transmitter (you have to tell us!)

  • With a network inside the handset so it can be plugged directly into a modem or phone line

  • With 3.5mm audio plugs to connect to a sound card on a PC in the kiosk

  • With 4 spade lugs

  • With a 4 pin modular plug

  • With 6 spade lugs

  • With a 6 Pin modular plug for Push-to-Operate (PTO)

  • With a coiled cord

  • With an armored cord of nearly any length (standard lengths are stocked)

  • With buttons (PTT, PTM, PTO) in several locations

  • With volume control wheels in several locations - with or without an amplifier or network

  • With double prong operator plugs (2 position or 3 position per plug)

  • With tilt switches that turn off the transmitter in the handset when it's set down
    (to prevent voice loggers from recording conversations in the room)

Most prototypes are made in as little as a day. We stock almost everything you can think of!


No-Dial Wall Phones with and without Dialers are Available

All Kinds of Options...

We can put In-Use and Ringing Indicators on Phones, and have Relays to do just about anything!

No-dial Trimlines with and without Dialers are Available

Speed Dialers and Hot Dialers

Hot Line Dialers, Speed Dialers & Networks

Lots of Accessories for Kiosks...

Priority Line Controller takes a line away from a phone so a special device can use it. Great for ATM Machines and Emergency Phones.

Priority Line Controller takes the line away from another phone!


 Feed-Thru Block to Mount Armored Cord

   Brass Keeper Type Armored Cord Mount

Brass Keeper to Mount Armored Cord

Aluminum Bracket to mount the Cup Stype Hookswitch fromthe front of the panel, with holder for Armored Cord

And the Parts You Need....

Chrome Handset Hanger with Bracket

 Brass Keeper Type Armored Cord Mount

 3.5mm plugs to go into PC sound card.

Cup Style Hookswitch with Hold-Down Clip for Moving Vehicles

   Rear view with mounting screw holes circled - use sef tapping screws The Cup Style Hookswitch (also available with no hookswitch, for use as a hanger) mounts with self-tapping screws from the rear of the panel.

If you don't have access to the rear of the panel, use our Aluminum Back Plate Assembly which allows you to put four screws in from the front of the panel.

The Cup Style Hookswitch can also be mounted to our rectangular Black Plate Assembly which allows you to put four screws in from the front of the panel.


We can mill a slot in the bottom of the cup so you can run a cord into the cup. The Brass Armored Cord Keeper with Screw can be seen on the Plate above.  

Great for a Handset with a Push to Operate Button that doesn't need a hookswitch

We also have the Pre-Amplified Dynamic Transmitter for Motorola / Shure Two-Way Radio Handsets

This G-Style Cradle (without hookswitch) is the same as sold by Motorola for Fire Engines and Police Cars years ago (Motorola Part Number HLN1220-B)

It secures the handset with a spring action, and mounts with two bolts. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

The blue transmitter to the left is our replacement for the Shure Bros. 97C273B and Motorola 59-82933C0

Ring Type Block Secures Armored Cord inside Kiosk or Cup

If you want to use
the 90 Degree Entry Armored Cord Block (right) be sure to tell us to put it on the Armored Cord
before we put 3.5mm plugs the cord!

Spade lugs will fit through the Ring Type or 90 Degree Armored
Cord Block

Chrome Hanger or Hookswitch

Block to mount armored cord to a panel - wires make a 90 degree turn

Above Block for Armored Cord allows 90 Degree cord entry into Kiosk

Magnetic or Mechanical
Chrome Hookswitch

The Block on the Right is a Feed-Thru Block for the Armored cord, that goes inside the device, mounted by two screw. Be sure to tell us to put it on the Armored Cord before we put 3.5mm plugs on the cord!

Special high magnetism handset receiver with varistor

Our special Receiver is the only one that will reliably activate a
Reed Switch, which is available in both our Chrome and Cup Style Hookswitches - or for custom mount behind a kiosk panel.

Reed Hookswitch is Magnetically Activated

Normally Form A NC (Normally Closed), but we can make it Form C (3 wire).

The component that's circled is a Varistor. A Varistor is used to stop the inductive click when the phone goes off-hook on a phone line.

Mount the Reed Hookswitch behind
your custom made kiosk panel.


Dual Operator Plugs & Adapters

Under Desk Box for Handset / Headset

Use Handsets with an Electret Transmitter on a PC Sound Card, or USB Sound Card, with our PC Handset Adapter


Most of our Handsets are assembled right here in our shop, in the Chicago Area.

 We have a large inventory so we can make a prototype or production quantities quickly (everybody wants stuff quickly these days!).

We purchase as much as we can from US vendors, but there are just some things that aren't made in the USA any more.


Lexan Handset with Armored COrd, with extra wire to fish through the kiosk, and 3.5mm plugs to go into the sound card.

USB Handset Sound Card Dongle

A USB Dongle can be used if you don't have a sound card in your kiosk PC.
USB Handset Sound Card Dongle

We make handsets that are compatible with the sound card in a PC,
with 3.5mm Stereo Phone Plugs
(wired mono).

We can also make a USB   G-Style Lexan Handset
with an Armored Cord, for a Kiosk.

  Call us at 630-980-7710 to have us work on your design today.


Handset Modular Locking Device RJ-11 / RJ-14 Base Cord Modular Locking Device RJ-45 Ethernet Modular Locking Device

  Lock a Mod Plug in so it can't be removed without cutting it out!

Modular Plug Locking Device

Use a Nipper to cut the entire clip off the Mod Plug

Modular Plug Locking Device

Put the Mod Plug in the Jack and
Push the Locking Device in
Under the Plug

  There's no way to get the mod plug out without a Nipper, and you'll know it was removed!

Removing the Modular Plug Locking Device

Use a Nipper to cut the Modular Locking Device out to get the plug out


RJ-11 / RJ-14 Base Cord Modular Locking Device

For Regular 6P4C / 6P6C RJ-11 / RJ-14 Modular Line Cord Plugs

Bag of 20

Part Number: MIS2L   Price: $22.95


RJ-45 Ethernet Modular Locking Device

For 8P8C RJ-45 Ethernet Plugs

Bag of 20

Part Number: MIS2M   Price: $23.95


Handset Modular Locking Device

For 4P4C Modular Handset Cord Plugs

Bag of 20

Part Number: MIS2K   Price: $22.95


Network Board

Network Board

Network Board

Make a Handset into a 2 Wire Phone

Size: 2.5" x 1" x .5"

Small Network Board connects to Tip and Ring, electret mic and standard receiver cartridge to make a whole phone (without a dial) with this little circuit board.

Click HERE for Connection Instructions (pdf)

Comes with 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

Part Number: XMT1B   Price: $28.50

We make special handsets for OEMs, including Push-to-Operate 6 wire handsets in hardwire (with spade lugs), armored and modular. We make handsets with double prong operator plugs, and any special plug you can think of. We can put a volume control on a handset without an amplifier in it , if you can drive the handset loud enough with your device. We can put volume control wheels and PTT/PTM buttons on the outside of the shell, instead of inside where your fingers rest. We can make almost any handset into a 2 wire phone (tip and ring) without a dial by putting a network in the handset. If you need a strange handset, we can probably make it... FAST!

G or K-Style Push-to-Talk or PTM Bar

PTT or Mute Bar

  We make many variations of our handsets
to suit your needs...

T-Style Amplified Handset Volume Control


G or K-Style Amplified Handset Volume Control


Round Push-to-Talk or PTM button

PTT or PTM Button

Amplified G-Style with Noise Cancelling Transmitter

Amp & Noise Cancelling

  We can combine these different styles
in many handsets...

Noise Cancelling Nortel Handset with Mic Level Volume Control

Noise Cancelling with Mic Volume Control

Noise Cancelling Transmitter Port on K-Style Handset

Noise Cancelling

G-Style Noise Cancelling Transmitter

Noise Cancelling

Momentary or 2 Position Rocker Switch forPTT/PTM/PTO

 Locking Weather/Dust Resistant Button for PTT/PTM/PTO

Momentary or 2 Position
Rocker Switch

Locking Weather/Dust Resistant Button (IP67)
for PTT/PTM/PTOperate, or Volume Up/Down

Momentary Weather/Dust
Resistant Button (IP67)

We can often put two
Buttons / Rockers on a Handset, one behind the receiver and another inside where your fingers go...


Most Amplified Handsets can be made with
a Momentary or Locking 2 Position Button or
Rocker instead of a volume wheel, for a
high / low volume control (which is ADA
compliant with under 18db of gain).

Mute Switch with Momentary or 2 Position Rocker Switch goes in-series with the handset cord

External Mute Switch with Momentary, or 2 Position
Rocker Switch.

It simply goes in-series between the handset cord and handset jack on the phone.

It makes any handset Push to Mute, Push to Talk, or Transmitter On/Off.

Large 3/4" LED Behind the Receiver

Round PTT/PTM Button


Noise Cancelling Microphone Theory

Noise Cancelling Handsets are used in areas with lots of background noise like factories or restaurants , or in areas where when you page from a phone you hear feedback - because that phone is near a paging horn or speaker.

The Noise Cancelling Transmitter is a very unique and sophisticated device. That type of microphone
has openings in both the front (like all mics), as well as the back.

Since ambient noise enters the mic from both the front and rear, the same pressure is on both the front
and rear of the diaphragm. Because the ambient noise doesn't make the diaphragm vibrate, the ambient noise isn't heard.

Since speech is entering from just the front of the mic, the diaphragm vibrates from just the speech...
Cancelling out the noise.

With a noise cancelling handset (or headset), you must speak directly into the mic - you can't hold it under your chin and expect to be heard by the other party.

A lot of people think you need an amplified handset  in a noisy area.  NOT TRUE!

If you turn up the volume on an amplified handset in a noisy area, you bring up the voice on the other end of the call, but you also bring up the background noise - which makes it just as hard to hear when the volume is turned up.  When you add a noise cancelling transmitter to an amplified handset, you're reducing background noise and increasing the volume of the person on the other end - so you'll be able to hear just fine.

Most modern phones have a handset volume control built-in to the phone. Sometimes they're not very loud, but in some cases by using a noise cancelling handset without an amplifier built-in, you can hear just fine. One benefit of an amplified handset with a volume control wheel is that it's easier for the user to adjust, without having to look down at the phone. In some cases, every time you hang-up the phone the volume returns to normal, which makes an amplified handset with the volume control wheel more than a luxury.

All of our noise cancelling handsets have a small port (hole), which brings the ambient noise to the rear of the microphone. If you block the port, the handset will no longer be noise cancelling, and will work just like a regular handset. We place the port in our handsets in a place where it would be very difficult to cover it with your hand.

Many of the noise cancelling handsets we make also include a small volume control for the microphone that can be adjusted by a technician with a very small screwdriver. This lets the technician lower or raise the volume of the microphone depending on the particular phone, the user's voice, and the background noise. It's also been used to lower the volume so a "coach" sitting next to the employee can't be heard by the prospect on the phone.

  Call us at 630-980-7710 to have us work on your custom design today.


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Amplified, Noise Cancelling, PTT & PTM Handsets for Business Phones