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Starting at $9.95 each...

Regular Replacement, Amplified, Noise Cancelling, Push-to-Talk (PTT),
Push-to-Mute (PTM) and all kinds of combinations Custom Made!

          HANDSETS for:

G-Style Handset with Screw-on Caps







  • And Anything Else You Can Think Of!

No-Dial Wall Phones with and without Dialers are Available

Click HERE for our Custom Made Kiosk Type Handset Page!

Business Phone Handsets are on this page, below...

G-Style Handset with Screw-on Caps


It used to be simple...

The first handset on modern phones was the G-Style, on the left. It was rounded at the ends, and had screw-on caps. It fit the hand well and sounded great.

It's still used on pay phones, and anywhere you need a rugged handset that will stand-up to abuse.

The next handset on modern phones was the K-Style, on the right. It was more squared off, but it still fit the hand well - and sounds great.

K-Style Handset


Even though handsets look the same on many brands of phones, the insides of the handsets are often different. The receivers are normally similar, but the transmitters (microphones) can be different (even for the exact same model of phone, depending on when it was made). Most manufacturers follow an industry standard for the wiring to the modular jack in the handset (which wires go to the transmitter and receiver), but some don't - most noticeably GE and RCA brand single line and multi-line KSU-less phones (which are really strange).

M-Style Hanset for Northern Telecom Phones


 Now there are LOTS of different
shaped handsets!

T-Style Handset for Northern Telecom Phones


Euro 2 Handset for Avaya Systems

Euro 2

Euro 1 Style Handset for Avaya Systems

Euro 1

Avaya 9600
Regular, PTT / PTM, Amplified &
Noise Cancelling


If we don't have a special handset for your particular system, we may be able
to add Noise Cancelling, Amplification,
Push-to-Mute and
Push-to-Talk to
your handset!

And so many more that we need a computer program to figure out which one you need...

Our Handset Lookup Program tells us how to make your handset. Without our custom software, there's no way to manufacture handsets!

We currently have over 1500 makes and models of business telephones listed.  When you call us, we ask you the make and model, and we look for it in the program - which tells us the type of shell to use, the type of transmitter and receiver, the type of amplifier for an amplified handset, and the color. We don't always need the exact make and model, since we can search for any part of a word or model number to find your handset. As you can see in the screen shot (above), we have over 200 listings for Avaya / Lucent / AT&T phones alone!

We put that information on your order, which then goes to production. It usually ships in a day or two.

We manufacture and test your handset to order right in our shop, and usually ship the same day you call!

After we manufacture your handset, it's tested on a phone for that particular type of handset, using a real live human's ear!  We have quite a few test systems in our shop, so we can test every handset we make.

We have amplified, noise cancelling, PTT, PTM and replacement handsets for most of the phones made by most phone system manufacturers:

  • AT&T / Lucent / Avaya / G3 / Definity / Partner / Merlin
  • Northern Telecom / NT / Nortel / Norstar / Meridian
  • Toshiba
  • Panasonic
  • ESI / Estech
  • Samsung
  • NEC / Nitsuko / TIE
  • Vodavi / Vertical
  • Comdial / Stromberg Carlson
  • ITT / Cortelco
  • Atlas / Key System US
  • Inter-tel / Mitel
  • ...and LOTS more!

In-Line Handset Amplifier

If we can't make an Amplified Handset for your phone, our In-Line Handset Amplifier uses the same circuit we put in our Amplified Handsets, and works on any phone with a dial in the base (won't work on Trimline type phones), and any brand other than RCA and GE (which don't conform to any standards).

Just slide the volume control up and down to change the volume...

In-Line Handset Amplifier

Includes 9V Battery that lasts around a year

sandman.com 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

Part Number: XMT9A   $27.95


With AC Power Cube (doesn't need a battery, but you need an outlet near the desk)

sandman.com 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

Part Number: XMT9C   $35.95

It takes under a minute to plug into just about any phone...

Just unplug the handset cord, plug the In-Line Amplifier back into that jack, and plug the handset cord into the other side of the In-Line Amplifier. Move the convenient slide volume control to adjust the volume (it raises the volume by 18db).

NOTE: This Amplifier works.  Others we found don't.  Callers constantly tell us that they've tried amplifiers from electronics or drug stores, but they sound terrible or don't work at all.

This device works on business and VoIP type phones, but not on dial-in-the-handset (Trimiline) type phones, not on cordless or cellular phones, and not RCA and GE brand phones.

If you're looking for an amplified handset for someone who wears a hearing aidCLICK HERE to read our Hearing Aid Compatibility Technical Bulletin.

Sometimes they need to operate an automatic T/M (Telecoil / Microphone) switch, as well as have amplification which will also increase the magnetic output of the handset. Some of the receivers in modern handsets don't have enough magnetic output to activate the reed relay in the hearing aid, which automatically turns-on the telephone pickup in the hearing aid (instead of having to throw a T/M switch manually).

In-Line Handset Amplifier with Equalizer (Tone Control)

For someone with a severe hearing loss, use our In-Line Handset Amplifier with Equalizer (Tone Control):



In-Line Handset Amplifier with Equalizer (Tone Control)

Includes AC Power Cube (you need an outlet near the desk)

Comes with sandman.com 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

Part Number: PAP1B   $152.95




This has a lot of amplification, and there are six sliders to adjust the sound of the caller in your ear. If you have a hard time hearing certain frequencies, or a call sounds too tinny, you can boost or reduce the low or high frequencies as needed.

This device works on business and VoIP type phones, but not on dial-in-the-handset (Trimiline) type phones, not on cordless or cellular phones, and not RCA and GE brand phones.

In-Line Handset Microphone (Transmitter) Amplifier

For someone with who has trouble being heard from throat surgery or a quiet voice, use our In-Line Handset Microphone Amplifier:




In-Line Handset Mic Amplifier

Includes AC Power Cube (you need an outlet near the desk)

Comes with sandman.com 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

Part Number: PAP1C   $103.95

Only works on handsets with
Carbon or Electret transmitters


This amplifies the microphone a lot!  Slide volume control adjusts the transmit level (not the receive level).

This device works on business and VoIP type phones, but not on dial-in-the-handset (Trimiline) type phones, not on cordless or cellular phones, and not RCA and GE brand phones.

A lot of people think you need an amplified handset  in a noisy area.  NOT TRUE!

If you turn up the volume on an amplified handset in a noisy area, you bring up the voice on the other end of the call, but you also bring up the background noise - which makes it just as hard to hear when the volume is turned up.  When you add a noise cancelling transmitter to an amplified handset, you're reducing background noise and increasing the volume of the person on the other end - so you'll be able to hear just fine.

Most modern phones have a handset volume control built-in to the phone. Sometimes they're not very loud, but in some cases by using a noise cancelling handset without an amplifier built-in, you can hear just fine. One benefit of an amplified handset with a volume control wheel is that it's easier for the user to adjust, without having to look down at the phone. In some cases, every time you hang-up the phone the volume returns to normal, which makes an amplified handset with the volume control wheel more than a luxury.

All of our noise cancelling handsets have a small port (hole), which brings the ambient noise to the rear of the microphone. If you block the port, the handset will no longer be noise cancelling, and will work just like a regular handset. We place the port in our handsets in a place where it would be very difficult to cover it with your hand.

Most of the noise cancelling handsets we make include a small volume control for the microphone that can be adjusted by a technician with a very small screwdriver. This lets the technician lower or raise the volume of the microphone depending on the particular phone, the user's voice, and the background noise. It's also been used to lower the volume so a "coach" sitting next to the employee can't be heard by the prospect on the phone.

Noise Cancelling Microphone Theory Noise Cancelling Handsets
are used in areas with lots of background noise like factories or restaurants, or in areas where when you page from a phone you hear feedback - because that phone is near a paging horn or speaker.

The Noise Cancelling Transmitter is a very unique and sophisticated device. That type of microphone has openings in both the front (like all mics), as well as the back.

Since ambient noise enters the mic from both the front and rear, the same pressure is on both the front and rear of the diaphragm. Because the ambient noise doesn't make the diaphragm vibrate, the ambient noise isn't heard.

Since speech is entering from just the front of the mic, the diaphragm vibrates from just the speech... Cancelling out the noise.

With a noise cancelling handset (or headset), you must speak directly into the mic - you can't hold it under your chin and expect to be heard by the other party.




On the left is a Noise Cancelling mic in a typical  handset with the Port to the rear of the mic, and the volume control (POT) to lower the mic level for the particular environment.

The Volume Control Box plugs in where the handset cord plugs into the phone, and the handset cord plugs into the Box.

Use a small screwdriver to adjust the volume of the mic to suit your applications.

sandman.com 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

Part Number: PAP4A   $24.95

So what if we can't make a noise cancelling handset for your particular phone or system?

There is no way to make an external box that's noise cancelling since you need to use a microphone ported from the back.

But, we have a Modular External Electret Volume Control Box that you can use to turn the mic gain down in the handset.

We've found that it reduces the background noise by about half, which reduces the voice about a quarter when the mic is turned down.

If it's noisy the person on the phone is generally going to speak louder anyway, so this is pretty effective against noise when you don't have another choice, and you have an electret transmitter in the phone's handset.

May also be useful in reducing paging feedback.

Small 7-in-1 Pocket Screw Driver

Part Number: HND6F  $7.95

  • Rugged Aluminum Pen-Style Housing with Pocket Clip
    and Knurled Finger Grip

  • Quick-Change Magnetic Bit Holder

  • Cap unscrews to hold bits in handle

  • Flat Screwdriver Bits: 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 1/8-Inch

  • Phillips Screwdriver Bits: #000, #00, #0

Color May Vary

Great for adjusting the tiny volume control pots in our Noise Cancelling Handsets and Volume Control Box

Some People Have Sensitive Ears and Need the Volume Reduced on the Handset

The Inline Receive Volume Reducer Box plugs in where the handset cord plugs into the phone, and the handset cord plugs into the Box.

The volume control wheel reduces the volume of the receiver in the handset below the phone's lowest setting. It doesn't amplify.

sandman.com 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

Part Number: PAP7M   $29.95


Softalk Shoulder Rests

Full Size Softalk II

Mini Softalk


Curved Bottom  with Double Stick Tape for Handsets with Rounded Tops Flat Bottom  with Double Stick Tape for Handsets and Cordless Phones with Flat Tops
Black, Charcoal &
Pearl Gray
Black Only

Softalk Shoulder Rests are comfortable, work well, look good, and are
reasonably priced.  Better than the old school shoulder rests!

Softalk Mini

Black Only.  The bottom is flat, not rounded.

Works on Handsets with flat tops as well as many cordless phones.

Part Number: MON1J   Price: $5.50

Softalk II Black

The bottom is rounded for a handset with a rounded top.

Part Number: MON1P   Price: $8.39    |||    5+ Price:   $7.50

Softalk II Charcoal

The bottom is rounded for a handset with a rounded top.

Part Number: MON1Q   Price: $8.39    |||    5+ Price:   $7.50

Softalk II Pearl Gray

The bottom is rounded for a handset with a rounded top.

Part Number: MON1S   Price: $8.39    |||    5+ Price:   $7.50

It's a Different World!

There are a lot of really strange shaped handsets out there.  Some of them don't sound great, or they don't feel great in the hand. But most of them look pretty cool.  In many cases the ear and mouth part are essentially the same size and shape as the K-Style handset which Bell Labs spent a ton of time and money coming up with (which is based on the original G-Style handset). In some cases the entire shape is very strange, and there was no engineering involved - just a "designer" (who would never have to use the phone himself anyway).

Because the human ear and mouth haven't changed recently, it makes sense for modern telephone manufacturers to keep the K-Style size, angle and placement of the parts that go up against your head. The size and shape of the concave (indented) part of the receiver on the handset is critical to the sound of the handset, as is the acoustic seal of both the transmitter and receiver inside the handset.

If you don't like the handset for a particular phone, we can check our Handset Lookup Program, which might tell us if there's an equivalent handset that will look a little different, work well, and hang-up properly on the phone.

Many "modern" handsets are so small, thin, or have such an odd shape that we can't get an amplifier board in them, or put a noise cancelling transmitter in them. If you just need an amplified handset our In-Line Handset Amplifier should work fine (it has the same amplifier circuit in it that we put in our handsets). If it's a noisy area, you really need a noise cancelling handset. There are no external devices that will do that (except a headset with a noise cancelling transmitter). In some cases, you can put in an older model phone that we can make a noise cancelling handset for.

Sorry, but we can't list the cost of each of the 1500+ makes, models and combinations of handsets we can make here on our web site. Call us so we can look up the handset and put the individual combination of parts on the order (which tells us your cost).

Because there are so many types of handsets, we only build and test the most popular variations in advance. To make your handset, we pick each of the items listed on your order, and assemble them for that particular type of handset right after you call.  Nobody could afford to stock all of these different types of handsets in every configuration... But we're experts at this since we've been building handsets to order since 1993.

G or K-Style Push-to-Talk or PTM Bar

PTT or Mute Bar

 We make many variations of our handsets
to suit your needs...

T-Style Amplified Handset Volume Control


G or K-Style Amplified Handset Volume Control


Round Push-to-Talk or PTM button

PTT or PTM Button

Amplified G-Style with Noise Cancelling Transmitter

Amp & Noise Cancelling

 We can combine these different styles
in many handsets...

Noise Cancelling Nortel Handset with Mic Level Volume Control

Noise Cancelling with Mic Volume Control

Noise Cancelling Transmitter Port on K-Style Handset

Noise Cancelling

G-Style Noise Cancelling Transmitter

Noise Cancelling

Momentary or 2 Position Rocker Switch forPTT/PTM/PTO

 Locking Weather/Dust Resistant Button for PTT/PTM/PTO

Momentary or 2 Position
Rocker Switch

Locking Weather/Dust Resistant Button (IP67)
for PTT/PTM/PTOperate, or Volume Up/Down

Momentary Weather/Dust
Resistant Button (IP67)

We can often put two
Buttons / Rockers on a Handset, one behind the receiver and another inside where your fingers go...


Most Amplified Handsets can be made with
a Momentary or Locking 2 Position Button or
Rocker instead of a volume wheel, for a
high / low volume control (which is ADA
compliant with under 18db of gain).

Mute Switch with Momentary or 2 Position Rocker Switch goes in-series with the handset cord


External Mute Switch with Momentary, or 2 Position Rocker Switch.

It simply goes in-series between the handset cord and handset jack on the phone.

It makes any handset Push to Mute, Push to Talk, or Transmitter On/Off.


We can put an LED on some handsets

Round PTT/PTM Button


On some Handsets we have to put the PTT Button on the back of the shell.

Avaya 9500 / 9600 Series Handset in Charcoal (Gray):

Also works with the Avaya 1400 / 1600 Series Phones but the color will be a little off (those phones are black).

We have can make it:

  • Regular:                               Part # MSA1R  •  Price: $16.95

  • Amplified:                             Part # HST6Q  •  Price: $79.95
    (Equivalent to Avaya Model S1K5-1009 - Comcode 700446370)

  • Noise Cancelling:                  Part # MSA3H  •  Price: $43.95

  • Amp with Noise Cancelling:    Part # HST6R  •  Price: $106.95

  • Push to Talk:                        Part # MSA3I  •  Price: $30.95

  • Push to Mute:                       Part # MSA3J  •  Price: $30.95

Comes with sandman.com 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

STOP Interruptions!

Bright Red Large LED Glows
when you're talking!

Handset or Headset
In-Use Indicator
with Amplifier

Everybody hates it when someone walks up and starts talking to them while they're on the phone,
but how do you know
they're on the phone?

Includes AC Power Cube

sandman.com 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

Part Number: HST4T

$74.95  3+ @ $71.95



Handset and Headset In-Use Indicator Amplifier Control


Amplifier / Control Box with Volume Control
plugs in-series with the handset or a
headset with an amplifier.



Our Headset In-Use Indicator combines our In-Line Amplifier with an In-Use Light to let everybody know when someone is on their phone so they aren't disturbed.

Bright Red Large LED is plugged into the base by a 12' 3.5mm cord (included).

  • Know when your co-workers are on the phone!

  • Both the Light and Amplifier work on ANY business phone with a dial in the base
       and where you can hear yourself in your ear when you talk (has sidetone), except RCA and GE

  • Use on a Cubical, on Top of a Monitor or ???

  • Works equally well with Handsets or Headsets with Amplifiers (it's really nice to raise
       the level on the headset amp sometimes!)

  • Connects In-Series with Headset Amplifier or Handset

  • Easy-to-Use Slide Volume Control

  • Comes with Easy-to-See BIG Bright Red LED

  • Requires a 110V AC outlet near the desk for the power cube (included)

NOTE: The Headset In-Use Indicator only works with a handset or headset with modular handset type plugs. It won't work on Cordless or Cellular type phones with a 3.5mm or 2.5mm jack.


Recording & In-Use Headset Adapter

Even though the Modular Headset Jack on some business phones looks like a handset jack, it's NOT!  It's physically the same jack, but it's wired differently so you can't plug a handset into that jack (you can, but it won't work).

That means that you can't use any accessories made to be used with a handset, because the wires aren't in the right place.

Our Recording / Playback & In-Use Adapter plugs into the jack for the headset. You then plug your headset into the jack labeled for the Headset Only. The other jack is wired to like a regular handset jack. That allows you to use accessories made to be used with a handset.

Note that the real handset for that phone probably won't work correctly on our adapter because besides the wiring change, there may be a polarity and gain difference on the headset transmitter circuit. But it will work well for recording while on a headset on the phone, sending audio from a PC back into the phone while the user is on their headset, and for our Orator III which gives you an amplifier and speaker so others in the room can hear the same conversation while you're on your headset (or handset, or even on a regular analog phone line).

Adapter lets you:

  • Use our Headset In-Use Indicator on a Headset without an amplifier  

  • Record conversations using our Deluxe Handset Recording Adapter from a headset without a headset amplifier (plugged directly into a modular headset jack on a phone).  

  • Playback music or audio using our Handset Audio Feeder into a headset without a headset amplifier (plugged directly into a modular headset jack on a phone).  

  • Connect our Orator III Speaker to a headset jack to the conversation can be heard by others in the room

Comes with sandman.com 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

Part Number: HST5G   Price: $17.95


Orator III







Orator III Desktop Monitor Speaker / Amplifier

Nice Loud Speaker with Volume Control

The Orator III has a modular cord that plugs into a phone line and lets you monitor conversations on the line - without disturbing either party talking on the line.

There are no clicks, no pops, nobody on the line can tell you're listening.

Modular cord plugs into an analog phone line. There's a jack on the Orator III to plug in a phone (not needed if you don't want to talk or dial).

The Orator III presents a high impedance to the line so it won't take the line off-hook. One-way speaker (not a speakerphone) will broadcast the entire conversation (all parties on the line) through the speaker.

A very nice general use desktop amplifier, with a zillion uses!

  • Monitor a phone line with the Orator III from any office in the building, without disturbing the line itself.

  • Put the Orator III next to a business phone system phone, and monitor everything that's being said (requires Orator Handset Adapter, below).

  • Broadcast a conference call over the Orator III in a conference room where you don't want to use a speakerphone, or the speakerphone speaker isn't loud enough.

  • Broadcast a conference call in multiple conference rooms or offices.

  • Listen to the actual conversation on emergency fire and rescue calls coming into a Fire Station, in one or multiple rooms.

Great for training!

If you're speaking on a phone in the same room face the Orator III away from you so you won't get feedback.

Comes with a 7' Modular mounting cord for a regular analog phone line, and a 110VAC Power Cube.

To connect it to the handset of an electronic phone, see the Orator Handset Kit (below).  

Comes with sandman.com 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

Part Number: SER7E   Price: $94.99    |||    3+ Price:   $89.95


Adapter to let you connect the Orator II and Orator III to the handset cord on a phone, instead of directly to an analog telephone line.

Special Y Adapter and Cord lets you listen to the audio going to the receiver in the handset, rather than across a phone line.

NOTE: You must be able to hear your own voice in your ear when talking (called sidetone) or you will only be able to hear the other party on the call.

Comes with sandman.com 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

Part Number: SER4O   Price: $9.99


Handset Modular Locking Device RJ-11 / RJ-14 Base Cord Modular Locking Device RJ-45 Ethernet Modular Locking Device

  Lock a Mod Plug in so it can't be removed without cutting it out!

Modular Plug Locking Device

Use a Nipper to cut the entire clip off the Mod Plug


Modular Plug Locking Device

Put the Mod Plug in the Jack and
Push the Locking Device in
Under the Plug



   There's no way to get the mod plug out without a Nipper, and you'll know it was removed!

Removing the Modular Plug Locking Device

Use a Nipper to cut the Modular Locking Device out to get the plug out



RJ-11 / RJ-14 Base Cord Modular Locking Device



For Regular 6P4C / 6P6C RJ-11 / RJ-14 Modular Line Cord Plugs

Bag of 20

Comes with sandman.com 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

Part Number: MIS2L   Price: $22.95


RJ-45 Ethernet Modular Locking Device


For 8P8C RJ-45 Ethernet Plugs

Bag of 20

Comes with sandman.com 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

Part Number: MIS2M   Price: $23.95


Handset Modular Locking Device



For 4P4C Modular Handset Cord Plugs

Bag of 20

Comes with sandman.com 30 Day Moneyback Guarantee

Part Number: MIS2K   Price: $22.95

Need Handset Cords?

Click HERE for Modular Handset Cords, including straight (non-coiled) cords

Click HERE for Non-Modular Coiled Handset Cords

Call us at 630-980-7710 Armored Handset Cords (they aren't listed on our website)

Repairing Handsets...

If you need to repair a handset, if you can open it we probably have the parts to fix it. Worst case, you'll need a receiver, transmitter and modular jack. It's unlikely all three will be bad. Unfortunately, many phone system manufacturers sonically weld or glue their handsets together, or snap them together with many little fingers that can't be released after they're closed - making them un-repairable.

It's unlikely we would have replacement handsets or know anything about the multitude of consumer phones out there. While some of these consumer phones are so cheap it would make more sense to buy another phone than repair the handset, some of the multi-line consumer phones (KSU-less) are incredibly expensive, but you can't get replacement handsets from the manufacturer.

It's doubtful we would have a handset for consumer phones since they're often highly stylized to make them appeal to a consumer (they're an odd shape and size, compared to a business phone handset). The manufacturer often makes it impossible to get these phones repaired. They usually change the design of the phone yearly, so you may not be able to buy compatible phones in the future.

One of the problems matching another brand of handset to a particular phone is that the little recess for the wall phone hang-up hook is often in a different place. That means that we may have a handset that will work for a desk phone, but our listing may say that it won't work with a wall phone (because the little flip-around hook won't catch the recess under the receiver on the handset).

Kiosk, Pay Phone, Intercom, 911 Center and Prison Handsets...

We can make nearly any handset imaginable, but you'll have to tell us what your needs are. We can design and make a prototype in as little as a day...

Click HERE for our Custom Made Kiosk Type Handset Page

Lexan Handset with Armored Cord and Cup Style Hookswitch

There are LOTS of choices!

Lexan Handset with Armored Cord and Cup Style Hookswitch Hanger, in Surface Mount Box

Lexan Handset with Armored Cord and Chrome Hookswitch Hanger, in Surface Mount Box

Noise Cancelling Transmitter for G-Style Handset

Hold-Down Clip for Moving Vehicles

The Cup/Hookswitch normally mounts with screws from inside the kiosk or device.

An Aluminum Backplate with a retainer for the armored cord allows the mounting screws for the Cup/Hookswitch to be put in from the front of the kiosk or device.

The Cup/Hookswitch is available with a 2 Form C Mechanical Switch, a 1 Form C Magnetic Switch, or just the Cup with no hookswitch.

A Red Cup and Handset with Armored Cord is Also Available for an Emergency Phone


Hold-Down Clip for Trucks, Buses, Trains, Ships and Aircraft

M-Style Handset with Armored Cord
M-Style Handset with Armored Cord
(Does not work with Magnetic Hookswitch)

Euro1 Handset with Armored Cord
Euro1 Style Handset with Armored Cord
(Works with Magnetic Hookswitch)

G-Style B3 Magnetic Hookswitch or
Hanger with Armored Cord Block


Waterproof and
Dust Proof (IP67 Rated) PTT / PTM /
PT Operate Button
for Outdoor Use can be put in most style handsets (Push/Push or Momentary)



Euro Handset in Chrome Hookswitch / Hanger
Euro1 Handset in Chrome Hanger

For a more "modern look" than the traditional
G-Style Handset
(which works with a magnetic hookswitch), the Euro1 Handset will fit in the Chrome Magnetic Hookswitch or Hanger

Chrome Magnetic Hookswitch

Chome Handset Hanger - screws go in from rear of panel

Compact No-Dial Wall Phone with Euro 1 Handset (Network in Handset)

6' Cord

Handset Cord

Rear View... Mounts with Four Screws
14' Modular Base Cord

Nice Looking Compact No-Dial Wall Phone

Like our other handsets, these aren't pre-made.  When you tell us what you need we build the handset in our POS system, which tells us what your cost is. Since every kiosk is different, you need to tell us how you intend to connect the handset to the kiosk.

We can put armored cords on G-Style, K-Style, Euro1, T-Style and M-Style handsets if you'd like a more modern look - BUT if you need a hookswitch you need to make sure that type of handset will work in your application.

Our Cup Style Hookswitch is available with either mechanical or magnetic contacts (magnetic has no moving parts), and with an optional clip to hold the handset down into the cup - particularly useful on buses, trains and planes, or anywhere you need to make sure the handset is hung up properly by the user.

For special applications, we can make a handset with a 6 wire modular jack (instead of 4 conductors), and we have black 6 conductor coiled or armored cords.

We can make any kind of special handset, and we do it quickly from design to delivery:

  • To connect to a network inside the a kiosk using four wires: 2 for transmit, and 2 for receive

  • For a network that used an Electret, Carbon or Dynamic transmitter (you have to tell us!)

  • With a network inside the handset so it can be plugged directly into a modem or phone line

  • With 3.5mm audio plugs to connect to a sound card on a PC in the kiosk

  • With 4 spade lugs

  • With a 4 pin modular plug

  • With 6 spade lugs

  • With a 6 Pin modular plug for Push-to-Operate

  • With a coiled cord

  • With an armored cord of nearly any length (standard lengths are stocked)

  • With buttons (PTT, PTM, PTO) in several locations

  • With volume control wheels in several locations - with or without an amplifier or network

  • With double prong operator plugs

  • With tilt switches that turn off the transmitter in the handset when it's set down
    (to prevent voice loggers from recording conversations in the room)

Most prototypes are made in as little as a day.  We stock almost everything you can think of!


No-Dial Wall Phones with and without Dialers are Available

All Kinds of Options...

We can put In-Use and Ringing Indicators on Phones, and have Relays to do just about anything!

No-dial Trimlines with and without Dialers are Available

Speed Dialers and Hot Dialers

Hot Line Dialers, Speed Dialers & Networks

Lots of Accessories for Kiosks...

Priority Line Controller takes a line away from a phone so a special device can use it. Great for ATM Machines and Emergency Phones.

Priority Line Controller takes the line away from another phone!


 Feed-Thru Block to Mount Armored Cord

  Brass Keeper Type Armored Cord Mount

Brass Keeper to Mount Armored Cord

Aluminum Bracket to mount the Cup Stype Hookswitch fromthe front of the panel, with holder for Armored Cord

And the Parts You Need....

Chrome Handset Hanger with Bracket

 Brass Keeper Type Armored Cord Mount

 3.5mm plugs to go into PC sound card.

Cup Style Hookswitch with Hold-Down Clip for Moving Vehicles

   Rear view with mounting screw holes circled - use sef tapping screws The Cup Style Hookswitch (also available with no hookswitch, for use as a hanger), mounts with self-tapping screws from the rear of the panel.

If you don't have access to the rear of the panel, use our Aluminum Back Plate Assembly which allows you to put four screws in from the front of the panel.

Great for a Handset with a Push to Operate Button that doesn't need a hookswitch

This G-Style Cradle (without hookswitch) is the same as sold by Motorola for Fire Engines and Police Cars years ago (Motorola Part Number HLN1220-B)

It secures the handset with a spring action, and mounts with two bolts. Can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Ring Type Block Secures Armored Cord inside Kiosk or Cup

If you want to use
the 90 Degree Entry Armored Cord Block, be sure to tell us to put it on the Armored Cord before we put 3.5mm plugs the cord!

Spade lugs will fit through the Ring Type or 90 Degree Armored Cord Block

Chrome Hanger or Hookswitch

Block to mount armored cord to a panel - wires make a 90 degree turn

Block for Armored Cord allows 90 Degree cord entry into Kiosk

Magnetic or Mechanical
Chrome Hookswitch

Special high magnetism handset receiver with varistor

Our special Receiver is the only one that will reliably activate a
Reed Switch, which is available in both our Chrome and Cup Style Hookswitches - or for custom mount behind a kiosk panel.

Reed Hookswitch is Magnetically Activated
The component that's circled is a Varistor. A varistor is used to stop the inductive click

Mount the Reed Hookswitch behind
your custom made kiosk panel

Use most Handsets with an Electret Transmitter on a PC Sound Card, or USB Sound Card, with our PC Handset Adapter


Most of our Handsets are assembled right here in our shop, in the Chicago Area.

 We have a large inventory so we can make a prototype or production quantities quickly (everybody wants stuff quickly these days!).

We purchase as much as we can from US vendors, but there are just some things that aren't made in the USA any more.


Lexan Handset with Armored COrd, with extra wire to fish through the kiosk, and 3.5mm plugs to go into the sound card.

USB Handset Sound Card Dongle

A USB Dongle can be used if you don't have a sound card in your kiosk PC.
USB Handset Sound Card Dongle

We make handsets that are compatible with the sound card in a PC,
with 3.5mm Stereo Phone Plugs
(wired mono).

 Call us at 630-980-7710 to have us work on your design today.

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