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See Caller ID information on any Windows PC on your network... BUT:
You can also see the Caller ID on any Windows PC
on the Internet!

Caller ID Watch Plus setup to see 4 lines on the screen at once Caller ID Watch Plus setup to see 8 lines on the screen at once
Caller ID Watch Plus setup to see 18 lines on the screen at once Caller ID Watch Plus setup to see 40 lines on the screen at once
Caller ID Watch Plus setup to see 2 lines on the screen at once

Works with the 2 Line, 4 Line or 8 Line
Whozz Calling Box.

The 4 and 8 line Boxes can be chained
to cover up to 80 lines!

Your choice...

See 2, 4, 8, 18 or 40 lines on a screen at once. Hit the SPACEBAR to see the next screen - up to 80 lines.

Works with any Windows PC on the Internet!
I can see what's happening at the office from my laptop and home using wireless cellular data (I use Verizon).

With the Full Feature Caller ID Box you can see when a line is busy (the red LED lights), and you can see outbound calls - including the number dialed.

All call information is logged to a flat file, which can be imported into Excel or Access to be sorted any way you need it.

Installation requires some knowledge of Windows networking, including IP addresses.

Requires an 800x600 or larger monitor.

Look Up Callers in your own Database...

Click on the Line Number with your mouse, and capture your choice of the
Phone Number (with or without dashes) or the Name to the PC's Clipboard.

Then Hit ALT TAB to switch to a running program, and hit CONTROL V
to paste the Name or Number into your program.

But That's Not All...

Click to listen to CID Watch Plus talkIt Talks!Click to listen to CID Watch Plus talk

Know who's calling without even looking at the screen!

Talking Caller ID on your PC

When a new call comes in, you can tell Caller ID Watch Plus to talk to you!  It will tell you the Line Number, the Name and/or the Phone Number.

CLICK HERE to listen to Caller ID Watch talk!

You can turn the speech on or off on any PC, but it even talks on a PC anywhere on the Internet!

Caller ID Watch Plus will make every incoming call easier:

Network Setup is easy...

The Network Setup Wizard makes it easy to install on a network. For use outside the network on the Internet, instructions on opening a port on your firewall are included in the Help Section of the Caller ID Watch Plus.

Click to see a bigger picture of the Network Setup Wizard
Click to see larger screenshot


Use the Call Logging features...

Click to see a bigger picture of the Call Log screen Click to see a bigger picture of hte Call Log exported into Excel

Call Log can be exported to Excel or Access

Call Log exported into Excel for manipulation

Up to 80 LINE Caller ID Display for our Serial Caller ID Boxes!

80 LINE Caller ID Display shows 2, 4, 8, 18 or 40 lines at a time (SPACE toggles  to the next screen of lines), and runs on just about any old Windows PC and Monitor you have laying around!

Uses the full 800x600 monitor

Caller ID Watch PLUS Incoming, Outgoing, and Logging Features:

  • Displays number, name (if available), and date/time of incoming call
  • Speaks the Caller ID information when the call is received, if desired
  • Displays the current Day, Date and Time at the top of the screen
  • Customizable color scheme
  • Incoming "Hot Calls" are green for 30 seconds so they can be easily spotted
  • Starts with Windows
  • Sets CPU time to Caller ID Time if desired
  • Resettable Call Counters
  • Can log the number of rings before the line is answered, only if used with a Full Feature Caller ID Box
  • Call Logging for Incoming Calls (Caller ID) to a flat file, in a comma or space delimited format
  • Automatic archiving to a separate flat file each day
  • Call Logging for Outgoing Calls to a flat file, only if used with a Full Feature Caller ID Box
  • Displays Outgoing number and date/time on the screen only if used with a Full Feature Caller ID Box
  • The screen can automatically toggle between the 80 lines on each new call
  • The screen can automatically pop up (from minimized) on an incoming call
  • The last Caller ID number can automatically be copied to the clipboard
  • You can manually copy a number to the clipboard by clicking on the line number
  • Settings can be locked to they can't be changed by the user, on each PC on the network
  • Phone number and date formats can be set for US or European standards

Caller ID Watch PLUS includes an Inactivity Warning which plays a sound to let you know if no Caller ID has been received in X minutes:

Caller ID Watch PLUS Inactivity Warning Screenshot

Requires Windows 98 or up, minimum Pentium 100 with 256meg of RAM, a real serial port (not a USB/serial converter), hard drive with 200 meg free, a Super VGA (800x600 minimum) Monitor, and a NIC (Network Interface Card) if you plan to use it over a network or over the Internet.

The voice features (spoken Caller ID) require a sound card and speakers.

Comes with a Dongle that connects to the serial port on the PC that's collecting the data from the Caller ID Box. No limit on the number of client PCs.


1. If the information you need from Caller ID Watch Plus is important to you, you should probably run it on a dedicated PC. If other software on the PC crashes Windows, you'll lose the information until the computer is reset. Even old versions of Windows (like 95) do an incredibly good job if there is only one program running on the PC. Be sure to remove everything from the Startup Group, and stop the Virus Scanning software on that cheap dedicated PC.

2. Caller ID Watch Plus Network uses UDP Packets which are not absolutely guaranteed to get to the client PC. In reality, we haven't seen dropped packets on the network, but you shouldn't use the network for life safety applications. Even if a packet gets dropped over the network, the main PC collecting the Caller ID information will have all of the information in its log. To get the UDP packets outside of your network, you'll need to choose a port for them to be sent on, and that port will have to be opened in the firewalls.

3. If you plan to view Caller ID information over the Internet from a PC that has a dynamic IP address (that changes often like residential cable, DSL or a cellular phone data connection), you'll have to click on the Network Setup Wizard each time the IP address changes to send the new IP address to the main PC running Caller ID Watch Plus Network. That takes about 10 seconds.

Comes with 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee

Part # CID2O



CALLER ID LINK: Windows TSR Type Program for SCREEN POPS

Plug your Whozz Calling (Full Feature only, but not with Memory/Modem) into a serial port on your PC, and it will record all activity, including outgoing if you have a Full Feature unit, into a flat file on your hard disk. It starts automatically with windows. Everything is time and date stamped. For incoming calls, the program leaves the last Caller ID number received in a separate file for each line (like whooz01.dat, whooz02,dat, etc.).

If you want to bring Caller ID into a custom written program, you simply have the program open the small flat file for the appropriate line number, when you want to do a screen pop for that line.

It's usually easier to read and parse the information from a file, than to read the serial port (which is what Caller ID LINK does for you). You might even be able to read the flat file from a regular database program (like Access).

Since you never know which line you need to answer (Murphy's Law says that more than one line is going to ring at the same time), your program needs a way for you to tell it which line you're going to answer, so it will pop the correct information.

If you have 12 or fewer lines, the F Keys (above the numbers on a keyboard) are the easiest to use (if your program doesn't already use them). You may also be able to use a two key combination, like SHIFT and the F Key.

This works best on a Square Key System (where all of the lines are the same line number on every phone). That way, someone can hit the F Key even before they answer the line, to see who's calling. On a PBX, you could hit the F Key after the line is answered, if the line number is shown on the phone's display.

Requires Windows 95 and up, a PC with a minimum 486-66 with 32 meg of RAM, a serial port, hard drive with 10 meg free, and a Network Interface Card (NIC) so other computers on the network can access the Caller ID data.

This PC becomes the Caller ID Server.

Comes with 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee

Part # CID4Q



 Whozz Calling 2: Call Accounting / Caller ID Box

Whozz Calling 2 Front Panel

Whozz Calling 2 Rear Panel

2 ports with a DB-9 Serial output to connect to a Serial Printer or PC!

Has a 250 Call Buffer, to store calls until you download them to your PC - using any terminal program with a "Save to Disk" feature!

It's like a Swiss Army Knife for phone lines! It will record whatever information your customer needs to know about his phone lines. A real problem solver!

Actually records the digits dialed on INBOUND calls too! This means you can match the Caller ID number with the mailbox the caller dialed on a Voice Mail system. If he hangs up or doesn't leave a message, you can still call him back and know what he wanted!

Here's what it will do (turn any of these On or Off!):

Comes with 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee

Part # CID6L



Whozz Calling 4: Call Accounting / Caller ID Box

Detailed real time data for DTMF, Caller ID, On Hook, Off Hook, Flash and Ring Signals... Allows for diagnosis of hard to find problems on PBX and Voice Mail systems.

Click to See Rear Panel

Here's what it will do (turn any of these On or Off!):

Use the Whozz Calling 4 or 8 with a PC (front end) and custom software to control your phone lines... Using the "IN" & "OUT" modular jacks, you can pass or block each call depending upon:


Data Format
Caller ID
Date Field
(Day, Month)
Number Field
12 Characters
Name Field, 15 Characters
(Name is delivered in some areas
referred to as Caller ID Deluxe).
In O3 I E 0276 G B3 09/26 11:28 AM 123-456-7890 ABCD Incorpora CR LF
Out O4 O E 0557 G 00 09/26 01:27 PM 987-654-3210 123456 CR LF
is user
of call
in seconds
Number of
rings before
call was
Outbound Calls
additional digits
dialed are shown
Return &
Line Feed

NOTE: Special version available for foreign countries using DTMF Caller ID (name not available), or British / ETSI Caller ID.

Mention you saw it on the Internet and get your first 4 Port box for development, at a discount! You can chain 4 and 8 Port units together to cover up to 40 lines.

Comes with 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee

Part # CID4L



Whozz Calling 4 or 8 Battery Backup for Real Time Clock

The clocks in these units are set by Caller ID signals, from the phone company. If you don't have Caller ID and just want to record DTMF, you can set the clock using a Touch Tone phone, and the Battery Backup will retain the time if the unit gets unplugged.

Comes with 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee

Part # CID4P



Whozz Calling 8: Call Accounting / Caller ID Box

Same features as 4 Port unit, chains with 4 or 8 Port units to cover up to 40 lines.

Comes with 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee

Part # CID6I



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WAKE UP CALL™: Hotel / Motel Wake Up System Software

Wake Up Call Main Screen

Inexpensive Hotel / Motel Wake Up System Software!

Easy to Setup... Easy to Use!

UNLIMITED ROOMS... But priced for the smallest Bed and Breakfast!

Uses a full 800x600 screen on any old inexpensive dedicated Windows PC with a serial port. Looks great on an inexpensive 14" monitor.

Comes with a Wake Up Dongle that attaches to the serial port on a PC, and connects to a dedicated station port on the Hotel / Motel PBX.

Can be attached to a regular phone line to perform automatic Wake Up Service for homes and businesses, or can dial a trunk access code and dial outside of a PBX.

Wake Up Call™ Features:

  • Displays the current date and time on the Main Screen
  • Main Screen shows scheduled Wake Up calls
  • Customizable Hotel / Motel name on the Main Screen
  • Easily replace the alarm clock graphic on the Main Screen with your Hotel / Motel logo
  • Plays a pleasant beep when the guest answers the phone
  • Speaks the date, time, and room number through the PC speakers after each wakeup is scheduled... which prevents errors!
  • Set the duration for the Wake Up call (how many rings)
  • Wake Ups are buffered if there is more than one Wake Up scheduled for the same time
  • Easy to setup room and extension numbers for your Hotel or Motel
  • Can automatically set the time via the Internet
  • Green Traffic Light indicates the time has been automatically or manually set within the last 24 hours
  • Easily enter Wake UP calls at the same time for X number of days
  • Place Wake Up calls to phone numbers outside the system, like the Night Auditor or Desk Clerk, by entering a trunk access code and a pause (like 9) before the phone number
  • Full Call Logging / Printing of future and completed Wake Up calls
  • Optional Employee ID number logged for every Wake Up
  • Optional Password requirement for major functions (like exiting the system!)
  • Room Checkout deletes all future Wake Up calls
  • TEST button lets you call any extension (like an office telephone) on demand
  • Backup the data automatically every day to a different (or network) drive
  • Starts automatically with Windows

Click to see bigger screen shot of Wake Up Call Main Screen with Custom Logo and Personalized Hotel Name

Click on the screen above to see the Main Screen with a Custom Logo
(any 170x170 pixel gif or jpg) and Personalized Hotel Name.

Wake Up Call Main Screen

Listen to a Wake Up scedule confirmation

After setting a Wakeup time for a room, you'll hear a confirmation through the PC speakers. You choose the Male or Female voice:

Requires a dedicated Windows 98SE or up PC, a minimum Pentium 2 CPU, 233mhz with 128 meg of RAM, a serial port, hard drive with 100 meg free, a sound card and speakers, and a minimum 14" Super VGA (800x600) Monitor. You'll also need a dedicated station port from the PBX to make wakeup calls.

It would be a waste to use a new PC with a lot of RAM, an expensive monitor, and an expensive operating system like XP! A $100 old used PC and monitor should work fine.

Rather than dedicating a printer to the Wake Up Call™ System, just put a Network Interface Card (NIC) in the computer, and print to a regular network printer. Having the NIC card in the PC also allows you to save a backup of all of the wakeups that are scheduled to another PC on the network.

Dealer Pricing Available.

Comes with 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee

Part # CID1O





You may need 2 or 3 of these... One for the SMDR Port, one for the Property Management System port, and one for the serial port on the Call Accounting System.

Both Pin 1 and Shield Grounds. Uses Silicone Avalanche Diodes for Maximum Protection.

Comes with 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee

Part # MON8E


$Call for Pricing

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