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Technical Bulletins & Tech Tips from

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  1. Troubleshooting Basics

    Start here for tips that can save you hours of chasing your tail when troubleshooting phone systems and network equipment

  2. Telephone Line Diagnostic Table (PDF File)

    These are the AC, DC, Current and Circuit Loss readings you need to take to figure out why a phone line is doing strange stuff. It's what I fill out myself on every service call where there's a strange problem!
    Fill out this PDF chart to fix strange problems!

  3. How to Successfully Implement VoIP Lines and Equipment

    A list of all of the quirks you'll run into trying to make VoIP work... Read it now, or live it later!

  4. VoIP Phone Line Checklist

    A quick checklist for both homes and businesses when switching to VoIP phone lines

  5. Echo Elimination, DTMF Problem & Modem / Fax Problem Tech Bulletin

    All the things you can try to eliminate echo on a VoIP system, improve DTMF digit recognition, and make a Modem or Fax communicate.

  6. Caller ID Tech Bulletin

    Fix Caller ID problems. Includes things to check when it works on a cheap Caller ID box, but won't work on the expensive phone system! DON'T replace the KSU first!

  7. RF Tech Bulletin

    Eliminate Radio Interference on Phones, Headsets, Handsets and Ethernet Equipment.

  8. RF Troubleshooting Flow Chart (PDF)

    Radio Frequency Troubleshooting Flow Chart (downloadable PDF)

  9. Cordless Phone / Wi-Fi / RFID Troubleshooting Tech Bulletin

    How To Troubleshoot Cordless Phone and other Wireless Problems Including DECT phones that can reduce interference

  10. CPC Technical Bulletin

    Troubleshooting Calling Party Control (CPC) Problems

  11. Electrical Grounding Technical Bulletin

    A bad ground can cause all kinds of strange problems as well as allowing surges to blow your equipment up

  12. AC Power & Ground Tech Bulletin

    There are some easy ways to determine whether AC Power or the AC Ground is causing your problems

  13. Hum Elimination Tech Bulletin

    Things to check, step by step, to find the cause of hum on analog phone lines or station ports

  14. Loop Current & Circuit Loss Bulletin

    Fix "Unfixable" Problems caused by irregular loop current and circuit loss

  15. Data Noise Tech Bulletin

    Fix Problems on Phone Lines Coming from "Fake Phone Line" Boxes
    Like Cable Company, Fiber Optic, Uverse, Fios, VoIP and other fake phone line providers

  16. Longitudinal Imbalance Tech Bulletin

    Fix Hum and Strange Unfixable Problems

  17. Ring Voltage Tech Bulletin

    How to measure AC Ring Voltage with a digital volt meter

  18. Fire Alarm Phone Line Trouble Alarm Tech Bulletin

    How to Fix Intermittent Fire Alarm Phone Line Trouble Alarms caused by Low Voltage

  19. Crosstalk Tech Bulletin

    How to Find Crosstalk on Analog Phone Lines and Station Ports

  20. Conference Call Tech Bulletin

    Fix the problem where the two outside parties can't hear each other on a conference call, or when transferred out of the system on a second line using the system's External Call Transfer feature

  21. Magic Jack Tech Bulletin

    Updated June 2, 2015 with the Magic Jack GO / EXPRESS
    Making the Magic Jack work with more than one phone, or old phones with real bells

  22. Message Waiting Bulletin

    Explains How the Different Message Waiting Types Work

  23. Hearing Aid Compatibility Tech Bulletin

    The secret meaning of Hearing Aid Compatibility

  24. The Hookswitch Story

    How got started

  25. Rubber Button Tech Bulletin

    Repair Bad Dials, Keystrips and Remote Control Buttons

  26. Real World Purchasing Guide to Business Telephone Headsets

    How Using a Headset can Save Money

  27. RS-232 Tech Bulletin

    Make Any Serial Connection Work in 10 Minutes!

  28. Instructions for Repairing Merlin and Spirit Membranes

    Tips for repairing merlin and spirit membranes

  29. Cleaning Kit Instructions

    Cleaning Kit Instructions to make Used Phones & Computers Look Like New!

  30. Burnishing Tool Instructions

    Using a burnishing tool to fix sticking dials and clean electrical contacts

  31. Modem Protector Technical Bulletin

    If you still use a modem (really!?) learn how to protect it with our modem protector.

  32. Telephone Line Bugging Tech Bulletin

    "I think my phone line is tapped... What do I do?"

  33. Editorial The China Factor in Telecom

    'Why my phones (and other things) don't work right'

  34. Just for Fun! The Chernobyl Phone Filter™ and Chernobyl Network Filter™

    Fix Phone & Network problems without troubleshooting with this Patented
    Zero Ohm Technology™