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Rubber Button Repair Material

Rubber Button Repair...

Silicone Epoxy with Silver Particles for Conductivity

Certain phone and electronics device manufacturers use an Ink Coating over a Non-Conductive Rubber Button, instead of a real Conductive Rubber button. This ink flakes off after a couple of years, guaranteeing that the phone will be back for refurbishing a few times over its life. This is an annuity for these manufacturers... They do it on purpose!

  • Rubber Button 1 Vial Kit: $  27.95
  • Rubber Button 2 Vial Kit: $  54.95
  • Rubber Button 6 Vial Kit: $ 159.95

    This is a two part silicone epoxy, with silver particles in suspension. You have about 2 days to paint the buttons, as long as you keep the mixed bottle closed when you're not using it!

    Each Vial does 5 to 20 phones, depending on how many buttons there are on each phone.

    Fix the buttons on: Avaya IP Office; NEC; Walker; Comdial; Executone; AT&T Cordless; Remotes; Cordless; Cellular and More!

    This stuff won't fall off! You need a razor blade to get it off a button if you put it on correctly. If you paint it on less than 2 mils thick (the thickness of two layers of Scotch Tape), there won't be enough silver particles on the pad so that they touch each other and short out the traces on the board.

    Just Mix, Paint it correctly and let Dry, and it's fixed!

    NOTE:  You MUST get Pure Acetone locally to use this product. It MUST be pure acetone, not nail polish remover or other types of acetone. Other types of acetone will leave a coating on the button instead of cleaning it completely, and the Silicone Epoxy probably won't stick.

    Be sure to read our technical bulletin on Rubber Button Repair!

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