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Chernobyl Phone Filter™  &  Chernobyl Network Filter™

Chernobyl Filters™ will fix both Phone and Network problems
without any troubleshooting or technical knowledge!

Zero Ohm Technology™ is here!

Our company has manufactured products to fix problems with telephone equipment for years. Use of these products requires troubleshooting to diagnose which product will fix the problem.

In the last year, we've been getting a lot more requests for products to fix technical problems with phones, VoIP and networks. Although it's very likely that one of our Tech Bulletins or one of our products will fix a problem, we've found that many callers don't have time to take electrical measurements or do other troubleshooting to diagnose their problem.

Since they don't work on this stuff every day like professionals, they don't get a chance to find the easy fixes available for many common problems, which would let them fix these problems quickly. They have to learn the technology and troubleshoot the problem to stand a chance of fixing the problem.

To try to bring the best technology to our customers, we've consulted with our partners at the Chernobyl Electrical Institute. Their Chief Scientist, Dr, Drizzlenick, was able to develop a new Zero Ohm Technology™ that's been proven in Russia to fix both phone and network problems.

Click to see bigger picture of Chief Scientist Dr. Drizzlenik
Chief Scientist Dr. Emil Drizzlenik PhD
Chief Scientist, Dr. Emil Drizzlenik PhD from the renowned Chernobyl Electrical Institute in Russia, developed the Patented Zero Ohm Technology™ which will fix almost any problem with electronic telephone or network devices.


Click to see bigger picture of the Chernobyl Power Plant and Electrical Institute
Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant,
and the
Chernobyl Electrical Institute
Fix Phone & Network Problems FAST!

Chernobyl Phone Filter™

Simple Modular Filter has an RJ-14 modular jack with cord (2 pairs), which simply plugs in between the phone line and phone equipment that you're having a problem with.

Fixes problems on phone lines, fake phone lines, analog station ports, analog VoIP gateways, and analog VoIP adapters.

Chernobyl Network Filter™

Simple Modular Filter has an RJ-45 modular Ethernet jack with cord (4 pairs), which simply plugs in between the network and computer equipment you're having a problem with.

Fixes problems on CAT5 Ethernet switches, routers, VoIP phones, VoIP gateways, and analog VoIP adapters (on the Ethernet port).

Part Number: MMA3P
 Price: $19.95    |||    3+ Price:  $18.95

Part Number: MMA3Q
 Price: $24.95    |||    3+ Price:  $23.95


30 Day Moneyback Guarantee!

If the new Zero Ohm Technology™ in our Chernobyl Filters™ doesn't fix your problem, simply call us within 30 days for an RMA number to get a full refund after the Filters are returned (shipping in either direction is not refunded).

Save Time!        Save Money!

Stop wasting your time diagnosing phone and network problems...

Buy our Chernobyl Filters™, put them in-series with the modular connection to the phone or network device you're having problems with, and fix your problems fast!

Be a Hero!

The Chernobyl Filter™ has been proven at companies all over Russia. Patented Zero Ohm Technology™ ensures that when using the Chernobyl Filter™, electrons pass through to your equipment without resistance.

You may have had unresolved phone or network problems for days, weeks, months or even years. Your boss insists that you get those problems fixed. The Chernobyl Filter™ is the only way to fix those phone and network problems without a knowledge of the technology, troubleshooting, diagnosis, or even taking readings with a meter.

All Chernobyl Filters™ are blessed by an ordained minister to prevent future bad juju:


Zero Ohm Technology™ is protected under US Patent 6,030,039, and other pending Patents.


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