Taselerô for KIDS! compliance tool for children


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AKA  The Taslerô for KIDS!:   Guarantees you'll have children that
                                          obey every command!

You'll have the best dressed and most respectful children
in your neighborhood, or
Your Money Back!

 Taselerô Model 007  for KIDS!
Shoots 6  Barbed Spikes at the Press of a Trigger!

Specially engineered for children. Has a lower voltage output, and
smaller barbed spikes than the popular adult model compliance tool.
Barbed Spikes are easily removed without tools!

40,000 Volts are sent through the Barbed Spikes,
 guaranteeing compliance from even the most unruly
children... who just won't listen.

Imagine their surprise the first time they say NO, and you
show them how well the 
Taselerô for KIDS!  works!




The police have ZERO tolerance, which results in 100% compliance when using a taser. Yes, your tax dollars pay fine public servants like this.




It's a fact...

By the time an American or Canadian youth is 21 years old they'll be tasered by at least one police officer. Men, women, children - even pregnant women are all going to be tasered at least once by a police officer who doesn't like them, doesn't like what they're saying, or who mistakes them for another subject.

Infractions as minor as jaywalking or a traffic ticket give the police officer authorization to taser a subject. Where a nightstick used to be the compliance tool of choice for the police officer, tasering a subject has proven to be much less work for the police officer than having to use full blows with the nightstick. After reloading a police officer can taser many more subjects into compliance within minutes.

Children as young as 6 years old have disarmed police officers by taking their nightstick, and sometimes even their gun. That can't happen with an electronic compliance tool since it's activated when the police officer is over 6 feet away from the subject. 6 or 60 years old, the subject will comply  with every command the police officer gives.

The police now have a tool that guarantees a subject will obey their commands. Just refusing to sign a ticket can result in 50,000 volts of electricity causing convulsions, injury from falling to the ground or into objects, and possible serious health problems such as paralysis of the heart muscle, or the lungs.

The courts have agreed with the use of an electronic compliance tool every time they've ruled to-date. While the police can't beat a subject, and you can't beat your children, the courts are on your side. Using an electronic compliance tool like the Taselerô for KIDS! has been authorized by courts in every state in the US, as well as other civilized countries like Great Britain. 

Here's your chance to get your kids to listen to you every time, and to condition them for the first time they're tasered by a police officer. It's going to happen. Your children need to be conditioned to handle the 50,000 volt shock and large barbed spikes used by police officers. Every police officer who uses an electronic compliance device has been tasered themselves at least once. Your child needs to be as ready as the police officer.

Studies have proven that subjects who survived being tasered four or more times become conditioned to the 50,000 volts of electricity, and are not injured when electronic compliance tools are used on them in the future. Scientists believe this is because their body has built up some tolerance for the high voltages, and because they are more likely to comply and stop moving when tasered.

Using the Taselerô for KIDS! on your own children will have the dual benefits of conditioning their body to 40,000 volts of electricity, as well as getting immediate compliance after the use of your Taselerô for KIDS! (and having well behaved kids!). That means your children will easily handle the 50,000 volts when the police officer decides to use their electronic compliance tool on your child. Conditioning has proven to last over 8 years after four electronic compliance sessions (Taselerô for KIDS! Barbed Spike Refills are only $1.99 in 100 quantity!).

The Taselerô for KIDS!  has also been proven effective at waking up children for school. We all know what a problem it can cause when they miss the bus.*

7 major cities have already equipped their parking enforcement officers with electronic compliance tools. Forest Rangers are now equipped with electronic compliance tools. In 2014, most large retailers have plans to equip their security guards, loss prevention personnel and cashiers with electronic compliance tools, proving the safety and effectiveness of this technology.

Police in Warren, Michigan have pioneered the the use of electronic compliance tools on animals who won't obey their commands.  The Taselerô for KIDS!  is great for use on your pets, too!  Your pets need to be ready for when a police officer uses an electronic compliance tool on them (when they won't stop, sit, come, or stop barking).

A month before tasering the animal who wouldn't comply, Warren, MI police used an electronic compliance tool on a 16 year old boy, who died.  Authorities are considering murder charges against the parents of the boy since they had an opportunity to use the Taselerô for KIDS! to condition him to electronic compliance, but neglected to do so.

Teachers:  Ask for your 25% discount!
In today's world, you can't hit students... But the courts have ruled time and again that tasering a non-compliant subject by a police officer is perfectly OK for any reason. The police can't hit you but the government says it's perfectly OK to taser you. It's time for teachers to get the upper hand on unruly students.


The Taselerô for KIDS! is a great tool for Officer Friendly!         GREAT NEWS!
has contributed 4 Taselerô for KIDS! and 500 Barbed Spike Refills to the Roswell, IL Police Dept, who has offered to Taselerô every student in Roswell, IL schools through their Officer Friendly program.

NOTE: Due to budget cuts, Roswell's Officer Friendly has been laid off.

Keep up the good work Chief Giustino...
Chief Dan Giustino of the Pembroke Pines Police Department stated "It looks like it was all properly done" when officers used tasers on children after a school talent show. The children were running away from police officers after they were told to stop. They'll listen next time!

Taslerô NEWS:

Winston-Salem, NC - Sept. 18, 2012

Wake Forest Medical Center researchers have released a study endorsing the Taselerô for KIDS!, finding that adolescents who are tasered do not appear to be at a higher risk for injury than adults.

Wake Forest medical researchers decided to study the effects of youths being tasered after seeing that law enforcement's use of electronic compliance devices on young people was becoming common place.

They found that there should be continued use of electronic compliance devices on children, saying ďThere were 20 mild injuries recorded and the majority of these were expected superficial puncture wounds from the weaponsí probes.Ē

Click HERE for the complete press release
on the study at Newswise


How did the Russians get the idea for the  Taselerô for KIDS! ?

The police are issued tasers and can take them home (for free). It turns out there have been many instances where both US and Russian police officers have used their electronic compliance devices on their own family members and pets. They concluded that if it's good enough for the police to use on their loved ones, it's good enough for you to use on yours.

Vitaliy Tolstonogov, one of the Russian inventors of the Taselerô

   Vitaliy Tolstonogov, one of the Russian
   inventors of the 
Taselerô for KIDS!

Children are our most
 important resource...

Isn't your child worth $99.95?



The  Taselerô for KIDS!  is only  $99.95!

3+ at $89.95

Includes Batteries and 3 Barbed Spike Refills

Taselerô for KIDS! compliance tool for children

The Taselerô for KIDS! is molded of sturdy plastic
parts in great looking primary colors that your children
will enjoy!



Barbed Spike Refill:  Only $2.99 each

100+ at $1.99 each


Nitrous Oxide Cartridge:  Only $3.99 each

100+ at $2.99 each

  Each Cartridge good for 20 Barbed Spike Shots

NOTE:  Unlike other electronic compliance tool manufacturers who use CO2 cartridges to power their barbed spikes, the Russian scientists who invented the Taselerô for KIDS!  found that Nitrous Oxide (N2O) is much more effective at bringing almost immediate compliance, and very happy children as well as adults.


Make it a bundle with
Taselerô Cuffs for Kids!

Everybody loves a bundle... And this is one that will teach your child to correctly deal with an encounter with police when they are tasered and handcuffed.

Child Size
Taselerô Cuffs for Kids!
only $19.95 when ordered with
the Taselerô for KIDS!

Teach your child that it's OK when the police handcuffs them, and the right way to handle it when it happens. This child won't be talking back to the principal anymore!

You'll notice in the picture that the small child who was tasered by the police and handcuffed wet his pants. The police often handcuff citizens before tasering them for their own safety. This isn't something that any of us can be ready for without conditioning ourselves.

Use the Taselerô for Kids! and the Taselerô Cuffs for Kids! to teach you child that wetting their pants after being tasered is perfectly normal, and it often happens to adults when they are tasered and cuffed. Try it yourself! When you condition your child to be tasered and handcuffed at home, you know they'll be ready for a policeman.


Shipping & Handling only $5.00 on every order!



Uses 6 standard 9V Batteries (included). The battery in the Taselerô for KIDS! will deliver over a thousand 40,000 volt shocks. It's recommended that parents or teachers pull the trigger less than 100 times per compliance session to prevent hospitalization.

Barbed spikes are no worse to remove than a common small fish hook. Minor bleeding and tissue loss may occur. Small wounds normally heal within 72 hours, with little or no scarring. Risk of infection has proven to be minimal.

Although the barbed spikes from electronic compliance devices have entered a subject's eyeball only 73 times to-date more than half of the subjects retained some sight in the effected eye. 4 barbed spikes entered the ear canal and pierced the eardrum, but all of the subjects regained their hearing within 24 months. 27 barbed spikes entered men's or women's genitals but there have been no reports of infertility. One barbed spike entered the sinus cavity through the nose and lodged very close to the brain so it was left in place since the special Russian metal is guaranteed not to rust for 60 years (it's the same metal Russian submarines are made of).

To-date only 42 subjects who had barbed spikes from an electronic compliance device buried in their skin have acquired MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus - a Staph infection that most antibiotics won't cure, so the person dies), and only 4 of those subjects have died. This remarkably low rate of infection and death is attributed to the stringent manufacturing and packaging controls of the barbed spikes and refill packages. Although these devices are not made or packaged in a sterile environment all employees handling these refills must wash their hands at least once per 12 hour shift. Many of the 42 MRSA infections can be attributed to the subject convulsing on the ground, in the grass, and other areas where animals have urinated or defecated. Since it's impossible for the manufacturer of an electronic compliance device to control where a subject or the spiked barbs might touch after leaving the factory, some deaths are to be expected. To-date, only 2 children have died from infections caused by the spiked barbs, convulsing on dirty ground, or the removal of the barbed spikes by someone with hands or a pliers contaminated with feces.

The Taselerô for KIDS! is manufactured in Russia. Some of the workers in the factory do have AIDS but to-date transmission of AIDS to a child who has been Taseleredô has not been proven.  Only a small percentage of the children who have been Taseleredô have acquired AIDS within a year.  No link has been shown between the Taseler'sô Barbed Spikes being packed by factory workers with AIDS and the acquisition of AIDS by a child who has been Taseleredô.

All testing on the Taselerô for KIDS! was done on volunteers in Siberia. While these volunteers were incarcerated in a Siberian prison for various offences and the prison is known to have many prisoners with Tuberculosis and AIDS, all of them cheerfully volunteered to test the Taselerô for KIDS! Of the 35 volunteers who showed signs of injury 17 died within 30 minutes after an electronic compliance session, proving the safety and effectiveness of the Taselerô for KIDS! 

Tests have proven that the heart only stops once in every 400 uses of the Taselerô for KIDS! so it's deemed safe for use in the US and most foreign countries. US courts have confirmed in every case of electronic compliance that compliance is more important than an occasional injury or death after the use of an electronic compliance device. The Taselerô for KIDS! is legal to use in every state in the US and most foreign countries.

The Taselerô for KIDS!  is illegal for use in Venezuela where electronic compliance devices are required to output 250,000+ volts and the battery must provide over 5,000 uses within 10 minutes. Application has been made to the ULV (Under Writer's Laboratory Venezuela) for an exception for our customers in that country. 

Unauthorized modification by adding an additional battery pack with 24 9V batteries for a total output of 850,000 volts is illegal in the US and most foreign countries (except Venezuela). Voltages of over 100,000 volts are known to cause 2nd degree burns within a four inch diameter of the barbed spike.

121 deaths have been attributed to the use of an electronic compliance device this year, proving many less fatalities than automobile accidents. Only 12 of the deaths have occurred while the tasered subject was in handcuffs proving the safety of electronic compliance devices.

WARNING: Use of the Taselerô for KIDS! on an individual who is belted into an automobile is not recommended since severe injuries can result from convulsions against the seat belts. US courts have ruled that police are exempt from this warning and have encouraged police to handcuff the subject before using an electronic compliance device to prevent injury to the police officer. This has resulted in a dramatic increase in handcuffed subjects who were tasered (some of whom have died), but no injuries to police officers.

While other manufacturers of electronic compliance tools suggest that a police officer use the device on a restrained or unconscious subject for the police officer's safety, the Taselerô for KIDS!  has been proven safe to use on both conscious and unconscious adults and children. Police in the United Kingdom, where police aren't allowed to carry guns, have proven the effectiveness of the taser on unconscious subjects (CLICK HERE for a London Daily Mail article on how Leeds police stopped a terrorist threat with an electronic compliance device).

* CLICK HERE for a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article on how a man was very effectively woken on his own couch, even after a heavy night of partying, by the North Braddock police using an electronic compliance device.

Here is an example of the police doing the right thing, following the law and and adhering to department policy in tasering a dangerous old man (who had previously fallen down and tore the knee of his pants) on the couch in his living room:

This criminal parked his truck on the street in front of his home. The police officer rang the bell of his home at 10PM to give him a parking ticket, leading to his being tasered because he didn't think the police could come into his house and ask for his driver's license about his parked truck. I'm sure this guy now realizes that he has to listen to everything a police officer tells him immediately, without question: 

There's no reason to talk about it. Just do it. Your children will be ready for this policeman if you use the Taselerô for KIDS! on them (we don't recommend tasering a child in the face since the barbs may cause permanent blindness, but the courts have agreed that it's all perfectly legal in every civilized country):

This police officer tasered a 76 year old man who didn't display a safety inspection sticker on a car with a dealer plate - which actually doesn't need a safety inspection because it's a dealer plate. The police officer apparently didn't know that, and chose not to believe the old man driving the car - or do any further checking.

The Taselerô for KIDS! didn't exist when this old man was a kid so he never got a chance to become conditioned to the taser that will be used on all of us at one time or another. Note that the music is coming from the radio (or whatever) in the squad car:

The Taselerô for KIDS! is protected under US Patents 7,290,296 and 7,294,121, and other pending Patents. The Taselerô for KIDS! is also known as the Tazlerô for KIDS!  and the Tazelerô for KIDS!

The terms taser, tazer, tasers, tasering and tasered on this web page are used as proper nouns and verbs, as are commonly used in the United States, Russia and Venezuela.

Copyright © 2015 ē Mike Sandman Enterprises, Inc.











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