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 > Amplified & Noise Cancelling

 > In-Line Handset Amplifiers
 > Replacement Handsets


 > Headset In-Use Indicator
 > Custom Kiosk / PC Handsets
 > Prison Visitation Handsets


Heavy Duty Cellular, Cordless & Smartphone Pouches with Police Style Belt Clip

 > Cordura Phone Pouches

Fixing Phone Line &
Station Problems

 > Testing & Fixing Phone Lines
 > Loop Current Regulators

 > Long Loop Adapters
 > Lightning Protection
 > RF Eliminators (Filters)


 > Data Noise Filters for Fake
   (Cable) Phone Lines

 > Phone Line / Data &
    Audio Attenuators

 > DTMF Decoding Tools
 > The Modem Protector™

Fixing RS-232 Data Problems
 > RS232 Serial Products
Training For Phone Installation & Repair
 Training Videos & Books
Telephone Equipment

 > No-Dial Phones / Dialers
 > Hotel & Single Line Phones
 > Door Answering System &
    Door Boxes

 > Telephone Recording &

 > Line Sharing Devices


 > Telephone Line Simulators


 > Wizard's Toolbox Relays &
    Problem Solving Devices

 > Message Waiting Lights
 > Caller ID Products
 > Call Accounting
 > Headset In-Use Indicator

 > TKM-6 Transfer Switches
 > Telephone Stands
 > Modular Telephone Cords
    Handset and Line Cords

Voice & Data Installation
 > Voice & Data Jacks
 > Patch Panels & Cords
 > 25 Pair Cable & 66 Blocks
 > Cable Mounting Hardware
Voice & Data Tools
 > Tools & Pouches / Bags
 > Cable Installation Tools
 > Repairman's Tools
 > Cable Pinout / Color Codes &
Cable Testers

 > LV1 Cut-Out Rings &
Orange Level / Template

 > RS232 Serial Tools &
Adapters / Supplies


Telephone / Computer Refurbishing & Repair
 > Telephone & Computer
Cleaning Supplies

 > Parts to Repair Phones
 > Rubber Button Repair Kit
Unique Products
 > Aviation / Pilot iPad Cases
 > IntiBidet™ Electronic Bidet

Handset Cord
Tangled Handset


 > Handset Cord UnTwister™



Click to see the $89.95 Korean Butt-set... It's Great!

Fluke TS52 PRO Butt-Set


Lighted LCD Display:


Loop Current

On / Off-Hook Voltage

Caller ID

DTMF Digit Grabber

Full 2-Way Speakerphone



Limited Time Sale Price:

 > Fluke TS52 PRO Butt-Set




24V and Neon



And our NEW



20mm (3/4 Inch) 24VDC
Large LED Lamps

These are BRIGHT!


 > Lamps & LEDs      


RF Filters Eliminate
Radio Interference


For Phone Lines,
Digital and Analog PBX
Extensions, Handsets,
Self Amplified Speakers
& Ethernet


Modular RJ-11, RJ-14,
RJ-45 and


 > RF Eliminators


Modular Handset
& Line Cords


Modular Handset &
Line Cords
for Phones



 > Modular Cords


Telemarketer Stopper™


 > Telemarketer Stopper™



Telemarketer Destroyer™

 > Telemarketer Destroyer™




Cordura Cellular Pouches
Smartphone Pouches
Bluetooth Pouches
 Cordless Phone Pouches

Cellular, Smartphone, BLuetooth Headset and Cordless Phone Pouches with a Police Style Clip from sandman.com

We even have a DOUBLE SmartPhone Case!

Cellular, Smartphone, BLuetooth Headset and Cordless Phone Pouches with a Police Style Clip from sandman.com

Cellular, Smartphone, BLuetooth Headset and Cordless Phone Pouches with a Police Style Clip from sandman.com

 > Cordura Phone Pouches

Fixing Phone Line &
Station Problems

Fixing RS-232 Problems


Training For Phone / Network Installation
& Repair



Telephone & Computer Refurbishing & Repair



Telephone Equipment



Voice & Data Tools


Voice & Data Installation

CAT5 and 6, Voice Jacks, and Wall Plates and Biscuit Jacks from sandman.com


 Limited Time
10% Off Sale on Most 25 Pair Connectorized Cables & Blocks!

25 Pair Cables with Conenctors and 66 Blocks with and without Connectors from sandman.com

 > Voice & Data Jacks

 > Patch Panels & Cords
 > 25 Pair Cable & 66 Blocks
 > Cable Mounting Hardware



Mini Cordura Tool Pouch


Click to see more about our Mini Tool Pouch

Designed for the Phone Man!
With "Police Style Belt Clip"

Just the right pockets for the tools needed to pull cable, tape cables to the fish, mark cables and jacks, terminate cables on frames, terminate jacks on cables... And take it off your belt quickly to go to lunch!

Cordura Mini Tool Pouch


Digital Meter with
CAT5 Cable Tester


Click here to see more information on the Network Meter

DVOM with Bed-of-Nails Clips

Click here to see more information on the Network Meter

Cable Tester with Remote...
Tests for Continuity & Splits

Includes Case...

> Network Meter

Headset In-Use Indicator
Headset In-Use Indicator

Plugs in in-series with
 your handset jack and
headset amplifier.

Lights when you're talking
on the phone so you won't
be disturbed!

Includes In-line Amplifier


Headset In-Use Indicator


World's Best Door Box


Brass Flush Mount Door Box

World's Best Door Box
rings your phones when
someone is at the door.



NEW... Slim Door Box with Awning in Silver and Black

> Door Answering System

World's Best Sounding Ringer

Tone Control
lets you adjust it
from a slow to a fast warble.
> Vari-Tone Ringer

Echo Stopper™

Adjustable Impedance
Stops VoIP Echo
for under $50!

Click HERE to see Echo Stopper information...

 > Echo Stopper™


Telephone & Ethernet Lightning Protectors



Maximum Lightning Protection


This is the Best Copper
Lighting Protection
Money Can Buy!


For POTS, OPXs, T1s,
Ethernet, Data, Audio,
Digital Station Ports


66 Block, Modular
& Screw Terminal


> Lightning Protection


Digital Message On Hold


Plays Music
or Messages
from included
Thumb Drive


Copy an MP3 audio file from
your computer to the
Thumb Drive, put the Thumb
Drive in the Player, and it
plays your message or
music forever!


Give it a Dry Closure and it
plays from the beginning for playing
a message or custom ring-tone
over a PA system.


> Digital Message Players


Cordless Phone Pouches


World's Toughest iPhone Pouch with Police Style Belt Clip!
These aren't "stylish," but
it's the easiest way to carry
a larger cordless phone!

Pouches have our
"Police Style Belt Clip" that
won't fall off your belt!
 > Cordura Phone Pouches


Digital Impedance Bridge

The SECRET of Paging System Repair & Installation

You're Wasting Your Time Trying to Fix
Paging Systems Without One of These!

 > Digital Speaker Tester

Word's Best Modular Butt-Set Adapter


BANJO Includes
Special Mod Plugs
 that fit in any 2-4-6
Pin Mod Jack!

> Modular Butt-Set Adapter

Smartphone Pouches


Single or TWO SmartPhones!

 > Cordura Phone Pouches



TKM-6 Transfer Switches

Ivory Front Style TKM-6 Transfer Switch

Terminal Strip &

Turn Ringers and Phones
On and Off. Transfer a phone line
to a different phone at night.

 > TKM-6 Transfer Switches



Our HUGE sister
site with ON-LINE
ordering of
telecom products in...




Save time... If you
can't find it on this
site, and it's not at
it probably
doesn't exist!


NOTE: sandman-store.com
is a sister company that has
most traditional telecom
products, has on-line
ordering, and sells to
everybody in the US.

sandman.com (this site) specializes
in strange telecom stuff, only
takes telephone orders, and
sells to telecom companies

Long Line
Volume Booster


Click to see our Long Line Volume Booster™

For OPXs: SET OF 2
Put one on each end of an
OPX or Phone Line and Boost
the Volume without Amplifiers
(works like Load Coils, but you
only need two)

 > Long Line Volume Booster™



Solid Wire Modular Cords


Click here to go to our Critical+ Solid Wire Cords


Cut it in-half (you get two 7.5' cords) to punch it down on a 66 Block...
From $2.29!

Available in 2, 3 and 4 Pairs.

 > Critical+ Solid Wire Cords

Phone Line Recording
Playback Devices





Record Conversations to
   your PC or tape recorder

Record Greetings on your
   PC and play them back
   into Voice Mail or an IVR


Speed Dial  from your PC
   to any phone to make...
 The World's Biggest
   Speed Dialer!

• Play pre-recorded Sales
& Greetings

   from your PC to your
   electronic phone...
   To save your voice!


   > Telephone Recording & Playback



World's Best Toner & Probe

World's Best Toner with Butt-Set Clips


World's Best Probe

• Super Loud Tone works
   great on CAT5!

• Bent-Nose Bed-of-Nails
   Butt-Set type Clips

• If you short the pair
   you're on, Warble tone
   changes to Steady Tone
   to verify the correct pair

• Modular Plug on Toner


• Comes with Belt Pouch

Toner & Probe




16' Tiny Extending Pole
Click here to see our 16' Tiny Extending Fiberglass Pole

 > Extending Poles


15 Foot 1/4" Fiberglass
Fish Tape

with Fish Chain & PVC Holder to Fish Walls & Ceilings
Goes STRAIGHT up Walls!

Click here to go to our Fiberglass Fish Tapes
 > Fiberglass Wall Fish

Tilt Bracket for Wall Jack

 > Tilt Bracket for Wall Jack


We Specialize in Making
Strange Telecom Stuff!


If you need something made
use our telecom expertise, our
existing products, our plastic
enclosures and short run
manufacturing experience to
help you get your product
made quickly... even in
small quantities.


Telephone Stands


Click to see more stands...

Tilt your phone to reduce glare and make the buttons easier to use!

 > Telephone Stands

Telephone Line Simulators

2 Port & 6 Port Central Office
(CO) Line Simulators


Accurately simulates a real phone line
for testing, demonstrating phone
systems and equipment, trade shows etc.


 > Telephone Line Simulators

Wizard's Toolbox Relays

Ring Relays & Loop Sensing Relays...


Make lights light, loud bells

ring, and make anything else

you can think of happen when

an analog phone goes

off-hook or rings


 > Wizard's Toolbox Relays


Message Waiting Lights



FSK, LED for AT&T, Neon


With information on how to
determine what kind of
Message Waiting you have



 > Message Waiting Indicators


iPad & iPad Mini Cases / Kneeboard for Pilots

Cable Pulling Elbow

Pulling Elbow lets ONE MAN pull around corners!


Lets  One Man  Pull Around Corners!

Easy to put up
with Tie Wraps
or Beam Clamps...

Easy to Take Down -
or Just Leave it In-Place!

 > Cable Pulling Elbow

World's Best Toilet Seat & Electronic Bidet:

The IntiBidet™


 > IntiMist Electronic Bidet


Telco Powered Products™
Consumer products that
get their power from the
Phone Company, instead
of the Power Company.



Telco Powered Vibrator
 > Telco Powered Products









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