The Tar Ball Burner™

Produce pure gasoline from FREE Tar Balls!

The Tar Ball Burner™ is endorsed by
Reverend Jesse Jackson
as "A way out of poverty for all middle class Americans"

Reverend Jackson also suggests
you boycott BP gas stations, who
sell food to "fatten up" America.

 Photo by Eric Guo

The Tar Ball Burner™

Recovers gasoline from the millions of gallons of FREE Tar Balls from the BP oil spill!

It's a HUGE

and BP has spilled millions of gallons of oil into it.

This is your chance to scoop up the free tar balls, use the patented Tar Ball Burner™ to convert them into gasoline, sell thousands of gallons of gas at half the price of your local gas station...

and be SET FOR LIFE!


The Tar Ball Burner™

Home and Light Commercial Model

  • Makes 134 gallons of unleaded gasoline a day
  • Gasoline contains no alcohol
  • No chemicals other than BP's tar balls needed
    (tar balls mixed with chemical dispersants work fine, and increases the octane of the gasoline)
  • Stylish design looks great in your home or apartment living room, as well as the garage or RV
  • Easy no-mess system sets up in an hour
  • Use inexpensive used milk jugs to hold the gasoline produced by the Tar Ball Burner™
    (a great way for your neighbors to make a little money on
     the side by selling you their empty milk jugs)

Only $2,599.95

Includes shipping from Russia!

Home and Light Commercial Model

Please don't smoke while burning tar balls.
With the money you'll make from the Tar Ball Burner™ you'll...



And you'll still have so much money left you could donate to Jesse Jackson!

Reverend Jackson says:
"You'll be so rich using the
Tar Ball Burner™  you'll make the Beverly Hillbillies look poor!"


Industrial Model

  • Makes 37,500 gallons of unleaded gasoline a day from FREE tar balls

Only $42,500.00

Includes shipping from Russia!

Setup by trained Russian Tar Ball Burner™ technicians is additional


Dr. Emil Drizzlenik - Chief Scientist
Our Chief Scientist,
Dr. Emil Drizzlenik PhD from the renowned Chernobyl Electrical Institute in Russia, developed this patented technology after many oil spills in Russia.

Dr. Drizzlenik's extensive experience with the distillation process used by Russian nuclear plant workers to produce their own alcoholic beverages, helped him develop the
Tar Ball Burner™ which has brought wealth to thousands  in Russia.

There is an average of 32,400 barrels of oil spilled per day in Russia.


      Russian Industrial Tar Ball Burner™

After BP started spilling millions of gallons of oil into the ocean off the United States, Dr. Drizzlenik realized that the Russian Tar Ball Burner™ is something urgently needed by US citizens.

Thousands of Russians have a Tar Ball Burner™ in their homes. Families are working together to collect and convert the millions of gallons of tar balls left at oil drilling sites, on roads, in fields, and in the lakes and oceans off Russia's coast.

Tar Ball Burner™ owners are among the wealthiest citizens of Russia, selling unleaded gasoline to their friends, neighbors, the Russian military, and Russian taxi companies.

Every day, thousands of Russians go out to collect tar balls. You could too!

This is your chance to be rich beyond your wildest dreams, like many Russian owners of the Tar Ball Burner™

How did the Russians get the idea for the Tar Ball Burner™?

When the nuclear accident happened at the Chernobyl Power Plant, Russia started drilling oil wells throughout the country as an alternate source of energy. Russia has massive oil deposits, and is producing huge amounts of oil from the ground every day.

Because there is little supervision of Russian oil companies, like the US, thousands of barrels of oil are spilled throughout the country every day.

Like many Russians, Dr. Drizzlenik had a still in his home to produce liquor since it was so expensive when bought at the store. He worked day and night with his comrades at the Chernobyl Electrical Institute to convert his still to a Tar Ball Burner™, converting tar balls into pure unleaded gasoline.

Dr. Drizzlenik was successful beyond his wildest dreams. The gas just flowed out of the Tar Ball Burner™ all day and night, converting the free tar balls his comrades collected during the day.

Since then, most of the former workers at the Chernobyl Power Plant have moved to the US and although most are so rich they don't need to work, many hold jobs in the nuclear power or oil and gas industry... helping to safely produce the power Americans need so badly.

Vitaliy Tolstonogov, one of the Russian inventors of the Taseler™


Vitaliy Tolstonogov, one of the Russian
inventors of the
Tar Ball Burner™, was the Director General of the Chernobyl Power Plant. He's now Director General of the Chernobyl Electrical Institute.

Director General Tolstonogov says "As technology advances in the US, there is an ever greater need for the products we've invented in Russia. I'm happy to see that the progress American's are making in both technology and finance are so similar to Russia's advances in these areas."


Buy your own Tar Ball Burner™ today!

Order direct from Russia...

Then start collecting the tar balls that are going to make you rich!

Act Now!  US oil companies like BP are trying to block shipments of the
Tar Ball Burner™ to protect their profits.
  Make their profits YOURS!

Visit Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Push Coalition web site for more words of wisdom
from a historic American figure, and to donate to the organization:

The Tar Ball Burner™ is protected under US Patent 5,870,779, and other pending US and International Patents.

Copyright © 2013 • Mike Sandman Enterprises, Inc.

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